Solace has a suite of self-paced learning paths and certifications that PubSub+ users and EDA enthusiasts can complete to bring their skills to the next level. I’m happy to announce that we have just released a brand new, FREE certification created specifically for developers: Solace Certified Developer Practitioner (Level 1)!

Earners of this certification will demonstrate the foundational understanding of event-driven architecture (EDA), PubSub+ Platform, and developing applications for PubSub+ Event Brokers. With hands-on activities, the certification will provide you with the knowledge to get started developing applications using either Solace PubSub+ API or open APIs/Protocols supported by Solace.

The Developer Certification Challenge

With the launch of this new certification, it felt like the perfect time to host a challenge and some giveaways! Complete the steps below to be entered in a LIVE raffle to win Amazon gift cards and a free learning subscription so you can push your skills even further!

How to Enter

Here’s how you can qualify for the Developer Certification Challenge:

  1. Take the Certification Exam by December 14th and score 80% or higher on your first attempt. Enroll for free.
  2. Join the Solace Developer Community and reply to this thread with a screenshot of your certificate and score.
  3. BONUS: You will get an extra raffle entry for sharing your certification badge on LinkedIn with the hashtag #ImSolaceCertified. Don’t forget to tag Solace and include a link to your post in your response to the thread above.

Please also consider sharing the news from Solace about this challenge with your network on LinkedIn and Twitter by liking and sharing!

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What You Can Win

Winners of the Developer Certification Challenge will be announced on December 15th, 2021. Prizes include:

  • 1st Place: $200 Amazon Gift Card + Free Solace Academy Learning Subscription
  • 2nd Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card + Free Solace Academy Learning Subscription
  • 3rd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Free Solace Academy Learning Subscription

Why Join the Solace Developer Community

The Solace Developer Community is a technical community for discussing Solace PubSub+ products – including PubSub+ Cloud, PubSub+ Event Broker, PubSub+ Event Portalevent-driven architecture, event-driven development, security, microservices, and more.

Developer Certification Challenge by the Solace Developer Community

Good luck and happy eventing!

Marc DiPasquale

Marc has been designing enterprise computing systems and developing event-driven applications throughout his career, with experience in the aviation, healthcare, and weather domains. He is knowledgeable with many tools of the EDA trade including Java, JMS, AsyncAPI and MQTT. He is especially adept with Spring technologies, and frequently works with the Spring engineering team to improve the experience for developers who want to build event-driven microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function.

Marc loves helping fellow developers “see the light” as EDA becomes increasingly mainstream. As a principal developer advocate for Solace, he helps current and prospective customers understand how EDA – specifically event mesh, event portal and event taxonomy – can help them realize their application modernization, cloud migration, and digital transformation objectives. He has published numerous articles, codelabs and tutorials about event-driven architecture, is sought after as a speaker at developer conferences and user groups, and has participated in many hackathons, POCs and developer workshops, many of which you can learn about on his web site.

Marc holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Central Florida (UCF), and when he’s not knee deep in event-driven architecture he enjoys traveling and sports.

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