PubSub+ event broker services are being used in increasingly sophisticated business applications. SBB (Swiss Rail) for example, who runs the highest-trafficked railway system in the world, uses PubSub+ event broker services in an event mesh to facilitate communications between microservices on premises and in the cloud to optimize rail network capacity and customer provisioning.

Another customer – a global manufacturer of elevators and escalators – is using an event mesh to connect applications based in China on Huawei Cloud with systems deployed in AWS regions in Europe. The mesh provides managed event streaming services that deliver reduced passenger waiting times for elevators, as well as higher reliability and uptime by enabling predictive maintenance.

With such mission-critical applications relying on a PubSub+ event mesh, it becomes increasingly important for enterprises to be certain all components of the mesh are working as they’re supposed to, and to get ahead of any issues before they impact business applications.

This assurance can be achieved by keeping track of all of the most important metrics and logs produced by the system, presented in a way that provides a holistic coverage of trends, thresholds, and events.

That capability is available through PubSub+ Insights, a centralized, out-of-the-box, proactive monitoring service custom built for PubSub+ event broker services. Insights offers:

  • hundreds of metrics for monitoring the health and performance of your event broker services
  • pre-built, best-practices dashboards and monitors to cover most of your needs
  • the ability to create custom dashboards and monitors for your unique business or application needs
  • monitors, alerts, and notifications to proactively keep you on top of any important changes to the way the system is working
  • the ability to dive into logs and monitor events to investigate and troubleshoot

These features are all pre-integrated with PubSub+ event broker services and are accessible through the same PubSub+ Cloud management console.

PubSub+ Insights

For the Ops or Integrations teams responsible for setting up and maintaining the event mesh, PubSub+ Insights will help them ensure the environment is available for apps teams and able to provide them with the resources they need. If an issue does arise, Insights will help them to quickly figure out if it is being caused by the application or the event mesh infrastructure and give the team the opportunity make adjustments before they impact business. And it will show trends over time that help optimize the infrastructure and plan for future capacity.

Application Support teams that keep the mission-critical applications running can use PubSub+ Insights to see that messages are behaving as expected, and if not, whether the issue is being produced by the event broker infrastructure or by the application itself. They can drill down and track the flow of messages to see the root cause of any issues so they can be resolved.

So if you’re using an event mesh powered by PubSub+ event broker services to distribute mission-critical application data throughout your enterprise, you know that maintaining the health of the event mesh is crucial. PubSub+ Insights will ensure both the Ops and Integrations teams and the Application Support teams have the situational awareness they need to keep everything running smoothly, get immediate notification when anything starts behaving unexpectedly, and provide the ability to deep dive into any issue to learn the cause so you will know how to fix it.

If you’d like a demo of PubSub+ Insights, please get in touch with your Account Manager or use the Contact Us form and we’d love to walk you through it.

David Charles
David Charles

With more than 20 years in various technology marketing and communications roles, David Charles was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Solace until 2021. He was responsible for helping to develop the messaging and positioning for the Solace product line, ensuring all outbound marketing efforts are aligned with our customers and the marketplace, and creating strategies to drive adoption.