I hope my summary post for August has helped you keep abreast of what was going on in the community last month. Now, here are the highlights for September:

New PubSub+ Features

Create Collection of RDP Queue Binding Headers Whose Values are Masked from Viewing

In mid-September, Andrew MacKenzie from Solace introduced the availability of the new feature in PubSub+ Event Broker 10.1.1. The feature introduced a new list of user-defined Header:Value pairs for an RDP Queue Binding that treats the value as ‘sensitive’ (like a password) and masks its value from viewing in the CLI, SEMPv2, and the PubSub+ Broker Manager UI. This was introduced because not all Management users are entitled to view these ‘sensitive’ values and therefore these values need to be hidden/masked from them.

The post also links to CLI and SEMPv2 reference docs to help interested community members to understand the feature.

PubSub+ Messaging API for C Support for Alpine Linux

The PubSub+ Messaging API for C now supports Alpine Linux which uses muslc instead of glibc. Application developers can now build and deploy applications on Alpine Linux using the Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for C, giving developers another popular Linux distribution from which to connect to the PubSub+ Platform. This also lays the ground work required to bring other wrapper APIs to Alpine Linux in the near future such as the Solace Python, Go and .NET APIs. Read the post by Murat Vuniqi from Solace for more information.

Distributed Tracing Early Access

We just announced the early access availability of the new distributed tracing functionality to our interested community members. The new functionality lets you observe events on a step-by-step basis so you can easily troubleshoot delivery and performance problems. If you are interested in the early access, leave a comment in the post to let us know and we’ll contact you directly.

You Asked, We Answered!

In this section, I’ll review a few questions our community members asked this month that you may be interested in reading about.

September Solace Developer Community Challenge

The first Solace Developer Community Challenge in August was a big success, so we decide to have another one in September. This time all the three questions are focused on PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud. Take the challenge and submit your answer by September 30 to win a Solace backpack.

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I strongly encourage you to sign up for the Solace Developer Community if you have not already done so. This way you can not only keep abreast of the latest developments in the community, but also engage with other members to help them or get help from them.

Hong Qiu
Hong Qiu

Hong is the Senior Community Manager at Solace, where he is responsible for building and managing the Solace community and creating developer-focused content. Prior to Solace, he spent over 10 years at Adobe managing the Adobe Developer Connection portals and planning, creating, and sourcing content for them. Before Adobe, he was a senior technical writer at Nortel and a technical writer at Cognos (now IBM).

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