Solace has always been an advocate for an API first mindset and a champion for open APIs, so we are excited to announce our new Platform REST APIs, designed to help businesses like yours harness the power of event-driven architecture (EDA) with ease. Our extensive API documentation offers easy-to-follow guides for getting started, along with detailed descriptions of each API endpoint. So, why should you consider adopting an API-first mindset, and how can our platform APIs benefit your business?

Why Embrace PubSub+ APIs?

Here are some of the ways our Platform APIs can transform your business by enabling seamless integration, automation, and innovation:

  • Flexibility & Integration: APIs facilitate seamless communication between various software components, allowing for easy integration with other tools and services. For example, consider a Slack app with the ability to pull information about your EDA from Event Portal. By leveraging APIs, developers can create a seamless user experience where updates on Event Portal are automatically pushed to relevant Slack channels. This interoperability simplifies the development process and enhances the overall functionality of the integrated software ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem, Collaboration & Dev Community: APIs foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and the sharing of ideas among developers. Solace Connectors are a great example of this, connectors play a pivotal role in nurturing the ecosystem, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a thriving developer community. By providing seamless integration between Solace PubSub+ event brokers and various popular applications, messaging systems, and data formats, Connectors make it easier for developers to leverage Solace’s messaging capabilities in their projects. The “connectors and integrations” section of Solace Community encourages developers to share ideas, learn from each other, and even contribute to the evolution of the Connectors themselves.
  • Efficiency & Automation: APIs streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks, increasing productivity, and reducing human error. One example could be automating the cleanup of infrastructure on weekends and after work hours. Using APIs this task could be run as part of your existing automation.
  • Innovation: APIs empower developers to create novel solutions that go beyond the capabilities of the product UI. For instance, consider the example below on using our REST APIs to build IntelliJ plugins to help streamline development.

Check out the Ed & Ali show for more insights on the power of APIs and an API-first mindset.

How Our REST APIs Benefit Your Business

Here are some things you can do with our REST APIs.

PubSub+ Event Portal

PubSub+ Event Portal is a single place where you can design events and event-drive applications, discover and catalog events, and visualize and govern your events. Using the API:

  • Automate a pipeline from AsyncAPI specifications to code generation: With our platform APIs, you can build a streamlined pipeline that translates AsyncAPI specifications into usable code, significantly reducing the time and effort required to create event-driven applications.
  • Catalog events to help developers identify available events when developing applications: Our platform enables developers to access a catalog of available events, making it easy to find and utilize the right events for their applications. This catalog can be exposed in various developer tools using our APIs so that developers can use the events in their context
  • Integrate with developer portals such as Backstage: Our platform APIs can be seamlessly integrated with popular developer portals like Backstage, providing a unified experience for developers to manage their services and events.

PubSub+ Mission Control

PubSub+ Mission Control is a centralized management console to create, deploy and manage your event brokers and event mesh in public clouds, virtual private clouds and your on-premises Kubernetes environments.

  • Enable developers to set up an event broker for testing applications: Our platform APIs empower developers to integrate the creation of brokers into their workflow, enabling them to test their applications in real-world scenarios and identify potential issues before deployment.
  • Automate infrastructure provisioning as part of development cycles: With our platform APIs, you can automate the provisioning of infrastructure resources, ensuring all your environments are up-to-date and ready for use.

PubSub+ Cloud

As part of PubSub+ Cloud‘s SaaS capabilities, there are platform specific elements which help automate the management of users, security, and costs.

  • Use the billing API to monitor the costs associated with your deployment: Our billing API allows development leads to track expenses of their team, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently, and budget constraints are met.

Coming Soon

  • Export/Import of Event Broker Services Configurations: Our platform APIs will simplify the process of managing your event brokers configuration, which as an example simplifies transition between environments and minimizing downtime.
  • User Management: Our platform APIs will soon support the automation of user management configuration, making it easier to onboard and manage users within your organization.
  • Audit API: The upcoming Audit API will provide insights into user activity and platform events like broker creation and event portal actions enabling you to ensure security and compliance of your EDA platform.

How To Leverage PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs

The following demo showcases how we harnessed the power PubSub+ Cloud APIs to create IntelliJ plugins (Which you can get via GitHub here.) that enhance productivity for developers. We leveraged both Mission Control and Event Portal APIs to make it easy for a developer to bootstrap development and stand up event broker services to test their changes.

Key Takeaways

Solace PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs make it much easier for organizations be successful in deploying and managing their event driven architectures. Our commitment to an API-first approach gives our customers the tools they need for smoother integration, better flexibility and increased collaboration. Check out the documentation here.

Mark Barrington-Little

Mark is a Senior Product Owner on the cloud team at Solace responsible for bringing innovative new features to market for the PubSub+ Cloud Platform. He brings over 15 years of technical experience in product management and software development.