On September 13, over 80 Solace customers and partners came together at the office of Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd (NETS), the leading retail payments company in Singapore, to learn about the latest news and Solace’s product advances and hear fellow customers describe their implementation of Solace technology.

Special thanks goes to Jeffrey Goh, CEO of NETS, who delivered the opening keynote. He shared the vision of his company and thanked Solace for helping them implement various innovative payments initiatives for Singapore consumers, such as the recent announcement of a new e-wallet app called NetsPay that enables QR Code based payment.  NETS CIO Vincent Low discussed in a little more detail how Solace acts as the data movement backbone that helps NETS drive the company vision and the strategy in operating core services.

For the second session, our head of systems engineering Sumeet Puri delivered a compelling presentation about how a “data river” can get information flowing across big data, cloud, digital and IoT initiatives.


Last but not least, attendees heard from T K Tan, Chief Investment Officer from Grasshopper, a small giant in the proprietary trading space. T K shared with our users how Solace enables Grasshopper’s infrastructure to meet their diverse data distribution needs and achieve high performance and ease of operation. His talk generated a lot of interest among our users and led to an insightful exchange of ideas among users, Solace and the speaker.

Before we wrapped up, we asked attendees to participate in a fun demonstration of our Pivotal Cloud Foundry capabilities — a simple connected car scenario in which each of them used a smartphone app to place a car on a map, and then give themselves flat tires or other faults which would appear both on the map and in a tracking dashboard in real-time. A few folks won complimentary tickets to an Formula 1 race and other gifts.

After the presentations and demo, a cocktail session gave attendees the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and discuss topics like hybrid cloud data movement, IoT implementation and the always-hot topic of Fintech. Here are some pics from the event.

Queenie Tse

Queenie has over 18 years’ experience in marketing, and has held various leadership roles spanning field marketing, product marketing, corporate communications and business development