For Australian organizations that want to maintain data sovereignty that is associated with event design, discovery and broker management, Solace has released a local regional site of PubSub+ Cloud Platform. This will meet the needs of organizations using event driven architectures (EDA) that must comply with regulatory requirements over PII.

The regional site is located in the AWS South East region in Sydney, chosen for its connectivity to local networks to minimize latency and maximize reliability. The cloud console is accessed on its own Australian domain and enables customers to ensure event and broker management remains in Australia. This delivers a smoother experience for local users that are deploying both regional and global event driven applications. Via the platform, brokers can be operated stand-alone or connected into an event mesh using PubSub+ Mission Control to create a high-availability enterprise event architecture.

Solace Delivers Australian regional Site of PubSub+ Cloud Platform

A typical Solace PubSub+ Cloud deployment showing a multi-cloud deployment across AWS and Azure in local Australian data centers.

The service is designed for those organizations operating their own event broker nodes or leveraging the Solace Remote Monitoring and Management service in dedicated or customer private deployments. While the regional site is located in Australia, there are no regional limitations on where brokers are operated in the world. With Solace PubSub+ Event Portal, enterprise architects can define their pub/sub model for data governance.

Getting Started with the Australian Regional Service

The Australian regional site for Solace PubSub+ Cloud is available as a standalone service for the region. For more details, please consult our technical documentation or for an account please contact us directly.

Rob Williamson
Rob Williamson

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