Over the years, Solace has been working hard to help developers using the Spring Framework create Spring-based applications and event-driven microservices with Solace event brokers. We kicked off the effort by publishing a comprehensive integration guide that demonstrates how to integrate JMS with the Spring Java Framework for production and consumption of JMS messages. We’ve also released open source projects like a Spring Boot auto-config complete with a Spring Boot Starter for the Solace JMS API and an implementation of Spring’s Cloud Stream Binder for integrating with Solace PubSub+.

I’m proud to announce a few new resources we’re making available, along with a new landing page that will house all of these assets and help Spring developers understand:

  • What Spring Projects can be used with PubSub+
  • Why Spring ecosystems can benefit from Solace PubSub+
  • How they can can use PubSub+ with supported Spring projects

Solace tutorials for Spring Developers

The page is at solace.com/spring — go check it out while it’s hot!

As for the new resources I mentioned above…

Spring Cloud Streams with Solace Tutorial

In addition to introducing you the fundamentals of using Spring Cloud Streams with the Solace PubSub+ Binder, this hands-on tutorial outlines a simple way to create a messaging service in Solace to quickly access Solace messaging. It shows you how to create 3 apps: a Spring Cloud Streams Source (sending app), a Spring Cloud Streams Sink (receiving app), and a Spring Cloud Streams Processor (sending & receiving app).

Check out the tutorial and the sample code in GitHub.

Spring Boot Autoconfig (JMS) Tutorial

This tutorial is all about using Spring Boot with Autoconfigure to connect an JMS client to Solace Messaging for the exchange of JMS events. It walks you through the steps to create respectively an app for receiving JMS messages and an app for sending JMS messages.

Check out the tutorial and the sample code in GitHub.

Hong Qiu
Hong Qiu

Hong is the Senior Community Manager at Solace, where he is responsible for building and managing the Solace community and creating developer-focused content. Prior to Solace, he spent over 10 years at Adobe managing the Adobe Developer Connection portals and planning, creating, and sourcing content for them. Before Adobe, he was a senior technical writer at Nortel and a technical writer at Cognos (now IBM).