CORE Transport Technologies develops and operates internet applications for the logistics marketplace.

Core Logistics Coordinator, a SaaS offering based on Solace’s appliances, is used by the United States Postal Service and Department of Defense (DoD) to synchronize and exchange critical logistics information with its global logistics suppliers in real time.

Overlaying Core TT’s software onto Solace’s appliances enables the system to track multiple third- and fourth-party logistics firms, such as terminal handlers, ground handlers, carriers (air and ground) and container providers, and to coordinate the flow of data through multiple handoffs. The platform sends users real-time alerts about factors affecting their deliveries such as severe weather, security issues and logistical problems so they can make more effective package routing decisions.

This ability to provide customized alerts relevant to specific users ensures optimal deployment of resources under their management, and ensures logistics partners are meeting contractual requirements.

“Solace gives us the ability to dynamically manage and deliver information in real time which is critical to maintaining contingency plans and adapting as events unfold. This enables quick, informed shipping decisions, keeping services efficient and effective.”