Messaging Middleware Capabilities & Qualities of Service

Reliable Messaging

Solace message routers offer best-effort message delivery with low latency even at very high volume. Learn more about reliable messaging.

Guaranteed Messaging

Solace uses a patented message queuing approach that enables guaranteed or persistent messaging much faster than other technologies.

Java Message Service (JMS)

Solace’s supports persistent and non-persistent Java Message Service-based messaging with higher performance than other brokers. Learn more about JMS.

Inter-Process Communications (IPC)

For scenarios where multiple applications run in a shared server environment, Solace supports IPC messaging middleware with average latency under 400 nanoseconds. Learn more about Inter-Process Communications.

Unified Messaging Middleware API

A unified API provides uniform access to all of Solace’s messaging middleware capabilities.


Low-level threadless messaging middleware API available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and AIX.


Supports JMS 1.1 including queues and topics, and provides an admin console for managing the JMS Provider and JMS managed objects accessible via JNDI.


100% pure Java, with support for reliable and guaranteed messaging.

Java-Real-Time-Optimised (Java-RTO)

JNI-wrapped version of Solace’s C messaging API for low-latency Java applications, supports reliable and guaranteed messaging.


Simple interface to reliable and guaranteed messaging services for applications built with .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic.


Meets messaging middleware requirements of server applications developed in Node.js.

Open Source Messaging Middleware Technologies

Solace’s platform offers plug and play integration with JMS-based middleware like Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ. Configuring Solace as the transport for open source frameworks lets developers using Apache Camel, UltraESB, WSO2, Mule and jBoss improve the performance of their applications and ESBs.


Solace supports persistent and non-persistent JMS messaging. Applications connect to Solace like any other JMS broker, so companies struggling with performance or reliability issues can upgrade to Solace.


Solace supports the OASIS MQTT 3.1.1 standard to meet the needs of applications and devices that need an efficient way to send and receive information. Solace messaging middleware works with any MQTT3.1.1 compliant client API, including open source APIs available via an Eclipse initiative called Paho.


The Solace REST Messaging Interface allows HTTP clients to send and receive messages with a Solace message router.