Solace Messaging for
Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Solace makes it faster and easier to connect your apps deployed on PCF with the rest of your enterprise

Plug apps running on PCF into the best messaging and event streaming layer on the planet.

Solace’s enterprise-grade message brokers can be deployed natively in your PCF environment, and in all your other on-premises and public cloud environments, enabling seamless data movement across your entire hybrid cloud architecture.


Don’t Let Data Integration Slow You Down

Familiar Challenges?

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Incorporating events from legacy apps and infrastructure with your apps running on PCF

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Replicating on-premises to cloud data flows for disaster recovery (DR)

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Integrating IoT/mobile apps with your PCF deployment

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Enabling data movement between apps running in different PCF deployments so applications can collaborate (and for DR)

Solace messaging for PCF is the cloud-native messaging platform you’ve been looking for

Nima Badiey at Pivotal PCF

Unique Solutions

  • Seamless integration with legacy systems and applications

    Solace message brokers run natively in PCF, and can be deployed as hardware or software in your data center, enabling real-time data movement between microservices and applications running within and across both environments.

  • Multi-protocol support for IoT/mobile application integration and more

    Solace message brokers support a variety of standard wireline protocols and open APIs, including REST/HTTP, AMQP 1.0, MQTT, WebSocket and JMS. This enables seamless data movement between a wide variety of applications and devices running in different environments.

  • Automated management + in-service upgrades

  • Enterprise-grade performance, reliability and stability for EDA/Reactive microservices

    Solace Messaging for Pivotal enables HA with automatic switchover, and ensures delivery to slow and even disconnected consumers without impacting other users. Solace offers 3-10x higher performance than alternative messaging solutions for PCF in direct and fanout scenarios.

  • Robust DR

    Multi-active messaging replication/synchronization on PCF Foundations for instantaneous disaster recovery and multi-cloud/multi-availability zone support in cloud deployments support failover.

  • Extensive support for Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, including binders for Spring Cloud Stream

How It Works

Solace Messaging for PCF is a fully automated service managed by PCF and available in the Pivotal Network ( A free Standard Edition PubSub+ Tile is available, along with our higher-scale Enterprise Tile.

The tile deploys the Virtual Message Routers onto infrastructure as a service (IaaS), fully managed by Pivotal Cloud Foundry and CF BOSH.

The tile also deploys a service broker into the Pivotal Application Service and exposes its plans in the Services Marketplace for developers to choose.

Operators can go to Pivotal’s Documentation for information on resource requirements, pre-requisites and installation instructions.

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