Give Pivotal Platform apps access to the best event streaming tech on the planet.

Solace’s enterprise-grade event brokers can be deployed natively in your Pivotal Platform environment and in all your other on-premises and public cloud environments, enabling seamless data movement across your hybrid cloud system.

Familiar challenges?

Data integration shouldn’t slow you down.

  • Incorporating events from legacy apps and infrastructure with your apps running on Pivotal Platform
  • Integrating IoT/mobile apps with your Pivotal Platform deployment
  • Replicating on-premises to cloud data flows for disaster recovery (DR)
  • Enabling data movement between apps running in different Pivotal Platform deployments so applications can collaborate (and for DR)

Where Pivotal provides the platform, tooling and methodology for enterprises to build applications and bring them to market more quickly and efficiently, the Solace PubSub+ Platform delivers the last mile for agile enterprises with a data distribution runtime and event management capabilities. These let developers adopt event-driven patterns as easily as RESTful ones, and let enterprises dynamically take advantage of real-time data throughout their organization.”

Angus MacDonald Pivotal

Angus MacDonald

GM Global Alliances Pivotal

Cloud-native Messaging

Seamless integration with legacy systems

PubSub+ brokers run natively in Pivotal Platform, and can be deployed in cloud or on-premises environments so you can enable real-time data movement between applications and microservices running across environments.

Applications, IoT Devices, Mobile and More

Solace message brokers support all popular messaging protocols and APIs, including AMQP, JMS, MQTT, REST/HTTP, and WebSocket. This enables seamless data movement between a wide variety of applications and devices running in different environments.

Automated management  and in-service upgrades

Enterprise-grade for mission-critical microservices

Solace Messaging for Pivotal enables high availability with automatic failover, and ensures delivery to slow and even disconnected consumers without impacting other users. Solace is 3-10x faster than other messaging solutions for Pivotal Platform in both direct and fanout scenarios.

Disaster Recovery

Support for multi-cloud/multi-availability zones in cloud deployments enables automatic failover, and multi-active messaging replication/synchronization on Pivotal Platform Foundations enables rapid disaster recovery.

Support for Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, including binders for Spring Cloud Stream

Solace PubSub+ for Pivotal Platform is a fully automated service managed by Pivotal Platform

The PubSub+ Tile, which is available in the Pivotal Network, deploys PubSub+ onto infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that’s managed by Pivotal Platform and CF BOSH. The tile also deploys a service broker into the Pivotal Application Service and exposes its plans in the Services Marketplace for developers to choose.

Operators can go to Pivotal’s Documentation for information on resource requirements, pre-requisites and installation instructions.

Solace PubSub+ for Pivotal Platform is a fully automated service

Our relationship with Pivotal goes way back

But we’re still building toward the future. Here are a few recent updates.

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