Combining Open Source Runtime Environment with Hardware-based Messaging Platform Accelerates Development and Performance of Event-Driven Applications

OTTAWA, Oct 23, 2012 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of high-performance messaging appliances, today announced support for Node.js, an open source platform for server-side Javascript that makes it easier to build and deploy real-time web applications.

Node.js is an increasingly popular runtime environment because it enables “event-driven” programming so real-time applications publish information and consume resources only when necessary. Solace’s appliances make it easy for applications running in Node.js to share real-time data with users locally and around the world by efficiently distributing it over LANs, WANs, and the internet.

“Everyone wants more powerful apps — things like Google Instant and Facebook that are expected to support millions of users on a ton of devices in real time, ” said Tom Hughes-Croucher, author of Up and Running with Node.js. “These are the expectations people have now, and if you did that with traditional frameworks it would take forever and the hardware would cost millions of dollars. Node is really fast, really easy to scale, and the Javascript aspect means it’s really easy to build.”

Unlike software-based solutions constrained by the limitations of general purpose operating systems, servers and disks, Solace offers high speed and scale in a compact “rack-and-run” appliance that supports millions of messages a second.

“The combination of Node.js and Solace makes it easier and less expensive to build, deploy and scale web applications by enabling the event-driven distribution of information with a fraction of the code and datacenter resources needed using other methods, ” said Shawn McAllister, Solace’s chief technology officer. “As more large scale enterprise applications and consumer services are deployed on the Node platform, they’ll need the cost-effective performance and scalability that our messaging appliance provides.”

Node.js is easy to learn because it’s the server-side equivalent of Javascript which many developers know from building apps for browsers. You can see Solace’s solution in action and download the API from the Web messaging page of this site.