Broker-native OpenTelemetry helps you with:

Debugging Increase development agility and shorten root cause analysis
Troubleshooting Reduce time to detect and resolve issues.
Monitoring and Optimization Identify bottlenecks to lower cost and improve user experience.
Data Lineage Reduce effort to understand complex systems and validating data sources.

Integrates with leading application monitoring and observability tools

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Microservices Environment

Record and Publish
Trace Records

Quickly debug problems, optimize complex microservices environments for performance and cost and enable proof-of-delivery and audit.


Embedded into appliance, software, and cloud managed PubSub+Event Brokers to deliver unparalleled depth of information, integration simplicity and performance.


Proven and popular standard used by the vast majority observability and monitoring tools to make integration less complex and future-proof.

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Whether you are using the software, appliance or cloud version of PubSub+, Solace can get you up and running quickly.

  • Free version available in all platforms for development and testing
  • Our team of engineers are on deck to help you configure your first event trace

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New to Solace?

Distributed Tracing is enabled natively in all Solace PubSub+ Event Brokers.

  • Easy to configure and deploy on your own or with our support
  • The first step is getting PubSub+ Platform for the environment of your choice

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