Enterprise Integration Modernization with Boomi and Solace

In this webinar, Boomi and Solace experts will lead you through how to simplify and accelerate the modernization of your integration and data movement capabilities. 

Learn how Solace and Boomi have collaborated to provide integration and data movement for any hybrid environment at scale, regardless of complexity.

Our experts will touch on: 

  • Building a hybrid integration platform that marries cloud-native integration capabilities with a modern event streaming layer that can permeate throughout your distributed enterprise 
  • Capping your investments in legacy integration technologies while maximizing their useful life and value 
  • Liberating, event-enabling, and streaming data from legacy systems and IoT devices across your distributed enterprise 
  • Accelerating your move to event-driven architecture with tools to connect, design, deploy, discover, catalog, share, govern and visualize events from across your enterprise 
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Demo: PubSub+ Connector for Boomi
Demo: PubSub+ Connector for Boomi

Implement asynchronous, event-driven integrations out of the box, with Solace and Boomi.