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Webinar: Enabling Next-Gen Omni-Channel Payment Processing with Event-Driven Architecture

Find out how EDA is being used by Payment System Providers (PSP) to modernize their payment platforms for agility and scalability.


With the drastic evolution of the payment landscape in the past few years, PSPs are under pressure to provide peer-to-peer payments beyond traditional banking models, and to facilitate a cashless society that can enable any purchase, anywhere and anytime. 

In this on-demand webinar, Solace’s VP of Sales Engineering in APAC discusses how organizations are: 

  • Embracing a modern architectural approach that is suitable for today’s real-time payment needs.
  • Increasing agility to adapt to changing market conditions 
  • Equipping to scale at a lower cost
  • Leveraging on event-driven architecture for faster response times to improve customer experience