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WHITE PAPER: The Architect's Guide to Building Event-Driven Microservices

Field CTO Jonathan Schabowsky shares his perspective on building event-driven microservices and how to maximize your enterprise architecture's agility, scalability, and reliability.

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The theory of microservices is simple: break up monolithic applications into small, purpose-specific pieces that are loosely coupled and independently deployable for a more resilient architecture.

Working with microservices gets a little more complicated when you’re dealing with distributed systems – it becomes mission critical to establish an architecture and implementation that minimizes latency while handling the realities of network and service outages.  

Combining microservices with event-driven architecture can combat the challenges of integration and communication between microservices. In this white paper, Field CTO Jonathan Schabowsky shares his perspective on building event-driven microservices and how to maximize the benefits for your organization, like:

  • Enhanced agility
  • Scalability
  • Resiliency
  • Quicker deployment
  • Easier maintenance

In a world where your competitors are a click away, and speed to market is everything, the ability to swiftly develop and modify components in a way that delivers bottom-line business value is essential. However, how quickly you build components is only one aspect of the issue; companies must also consider integrating them with the rest of their system and what adopting these innovative new techniques and technologies will look like. 

Find out the actionable steps you can take to realize the agility of event-driven microservices, including adopting an event-driven mindset and changing the way you think about designing and building solutions. You will also learn about:

  • The benefits of choreography over orchestration,
  • Why you need to embrace eventual consistency,
  • How the CQRS pattern fits in, and
  • The key to getting your microservices to coexist with legacy systems.

While event-driven microservices may seem difficult initially, they are the future of most microservices and IT strategies. Choosing the right eventing/messaging platform is one of the most critical steps in the path to realizing the vast benefits of microservices.

Read online or download the "Architect's Guide to Building Event-Driven Microservices" pdf for easy on-the-go viewing.