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Enabling Modern Digital Retail Banking with Event-Driven Architecture

Learn how retail banks can benefit from event-driven architecture (EDA) and what you need to know about selecting a platform to support your EDA adoption.

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Banks are transforming their organizations with digital technologies. The pandemic forced everyone to react faster than ever and reconsider their priorities, supercharging the digital banking trend as banks saw a huge decline in footfall in their branches, together with a significant decline in the use of cash.

Now, retail banks have an unprecedented opportunity. It’s not just about upgrading their existing applications and infrastructure and investing in the latest technology, but rethinking how to connect with customers both today and as their needs change. Many are contemplating the cloud strategy, but are struggling with imposed limitations whether it be security or existing infrastructure.

In this paper, learn how retail banks can benefit from event-driven architecture by reviewing some real case studies involving global banks and their use of event taxonomy and asynchronous APIs. It also covers how to go about selecting a platform to support EDA adoption and the importance of:

  • Event management
  • High availability
  • Lossless data delivery
  • Taxonomy and topics
  • Inter-broker interoperability

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