How exchanges move at the speed of light

Exchanges rely on order entry systems and FIX gateways that bring in and normalize orders, matching engines that create trades, and feed gateways that distribute results and new pricing data to market participants. PubSub+ reliably distributes information between these diverse systems using the exchange pattern, protocol and quality of service that best meets the needs of each interaction.

OMS and Trading Platforms

Order Execution

With support for both reliable and guaranteed messaging, Solace is the ideal platform for order execution systems. For a given message flow, some applications can stream data with the lowest possible latency, as low as nanoseconds with IPC, while other applications use guaranteed messaging to make sure every message is delivered in sequence even if they disconnect or can’t keep up with the message flow.

Post-Trade Downstream Burst Handling

Trading platforms need to feed market data to diverse downstream applications such as trade data capture, settlements, market surveillance and more. PubSub+ can utilize different exchange patterns and qualities of service to meet the needs of different applications, and buffer messages to ensure delivery even when bursts of activity exceed their ability to accept and process information.

Feed, Research and Order Status Distribution

In some cases, exchanges distribute market data over TCP. PubSub+ appliances perform TCP fan-out in hardware, with each appliance supporting thousands of simultaneous connections for low TCO and tight first-to-last latencies. It also lets Solace provide management information on a per-connection basis at every layer of the protocol stack.

Migrating to Hybrid Cloud

Many exchanges are moving applications and information to the cloud to save money and meet the needs of customers who want to consume market, order, research and trade data in cloud-native systems. PubSub+ runs in popular clouds and PaaS platforms, along with legacy and on-premises environments, so exchanges can adopt hybrid cloud architecture and establish an event mesh that efficiently distributes event-driven information across their enterprise and with their buy side and sell side customers.

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