PubSub+ helps front, middle, and back office applications, deployed on prem or cloud, to integrate easily with OneTick through an Event Mesh.  Guaranteed delivery provided by PubSub+ allows applications to stay simple while delivering data in a very robust way, even in presence of application crashes and restarts. PubSub+ is a very efficient and low-latency way for delivery of results produced by OneTick CEP queries to an unlimited (or very large) number of listeners/applications. It allows users to avoid duplication of CEP processing within OneTick server and duplication of data on the network.”

Oleg Yatvitskiy

Vice President of Engineering, OneMarketData

Together, Solace and OneTick enable real-time, event-driven communication between OneTick and other applications, old and new, and within and across environments.

Use Cases/Solutions


Stream events from OneTick

With PubSub+, OneTick users can easily stream data from OneTick to any other application whether they be on-prem or on cloud. PubSub+ brokers can be deployed in different environments and connected to form a dynamic event mesh that quickly, reliably and securely streams events from where they occur to where they need to be.

Easier integration

PubSub+ supports open APIs and protocols which make it a perfect solution for integrating applications. Your applications can now use a variety of APIs to publish to and subscribe data from OneTick.

Enable data-as-a-service across LOBs

Deploying PubSub+ Event Broker in different LOBs and connecting them to create an event mesh can enable on-demand access to data and events produced by any application in your distributed enterprise.

Hybrid Cloud

Capture data into OneTick

OneTick is a powerful time-series database which you can use to capture events from PubSub+ and store in OneTick. Your other internal applications can distribute data over PubSub+ and OneTick can be one of the many consumers subscribing to that data and storing it for historical research queries.


Easily replay your events using PubSub+ to avoid loss of critical data in case of application crashes.

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