The Product Lifecycle Policy applies to the product as a whole. The diagram below illustrates the Solace product lifecycle, and is followed by a schedule of which products have reached which milestone.

Solace's Product Lifecycle Diagram - Pre May 1, 2019

Note that support for certain versions of SolOS firmware and certain versions of PubSub+ software products follow different timelines as described in Solace Support Services. For a list of these versions and their support dates, see Support Dates for Release Versions.

Milestones and Phases

Descriptions of each stage in Solace’s Product Lifecycle are presented in the following table.

Milestone / PhaseDescription
Product Introduction MilestoneMilestone marking the beginning of the General Availability phase. At this point customers may begin to purchase the product.
General Availability PhaseDuring this phase customers may purchase the product without restriction. Customers with current support plans will receive Major, Maintenance and Hotfix releases applicable to the product. The General Availability phase typically lasts three to four years.
End of Sales MilestoneMilestone marking the end of the General Availability phase and the beginning of the No New Sales Phase.
No New Sales PhaseDuring this phase the product is not generally available for purchase. Customers with current support plans will receive the same level of support as during the General Availability Phase. The No New Sales phase will be no less than four years.
Final Software Release MilestoneMilestone marking the final SolOS Major Release to be supported by the hardware product or the final Major Release of a software product.
No New Software PhaseDuring this phase customers with current support plans will have access to maintenance and hotfix releases for the final Major Release. The No New Software Phase is 2 years in duration.
Final Support Renewal MilestoneAt this point the product has effectively reached the end of its lifecycle. For customers that have not yet transitioned to newer products a single 1 year limited Support Plan renewal will be offered.
End of Support Renewal PhaseDuring this 1 year phase, product questions will be answered and production assistance provided however no new maintenance releases or hotfixes will be issued.
End of Support Milestone At this milestone customers will no longer have the option of renewing their support plans and Solace will cease providing support for the product.

Customer Communication

Note: Formal notifications of a product reaching any product lifecycle milestone will be sent by email to customers on active Support Plans. Contact Solace Support at to be included in these notifications.

Product Milestones

The support dates for Solace products are provided in the table below.

ProductEnd of SalesFinal Software ReleaseFinal Support RenewalEnd of Support
CHS-3230AC-01-DJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3230AC-02-AJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3260AC-01-AJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3260AC-01-BJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3260AC-01-CJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3260AC-02-AJune, 2015SolOS 9.1June, 2021June, 2022
CHS-3260AC-03-AFebruary, 2016SolOS 9.4February, 2022February, 2023
CHS-3260AC-04-AFebruary, 2016SolOS 9.4February, 2022February, 2023
CHS-3530AC-01-AJune, 2018SolOS 10.0.1June, 2023June, 2024
CHS-3560AC-01-AJune, 2018SolOS 10.0.1June, 2023June, 2024
SolCacheJune, 2019June, 2023June, 2025June, 2026
SolCache-RS--June 30, 2016June 30, 2017