Recapping June 2017 London User Group

On June 14th, over 60 Solace users and folks interested in Solace technology came together at the London Marriott Hotel at Canary Wharf to learn about the Solace roadmap and cloud strategy, and to learn how customers are deploying Solace in their microservices architectures.

After a brief introduction by our UK & MEA SVP of Sales David Mitchell, two clients talked about their implementation of Solace technology. Colin Crist, solution architect from Tullett Prebon, spoke about the adoption of cloud technology in the investment banking industry and how they use the Solace technology. Steve Moreton from CJC took the stage and introduced Monitoring with Mosaic.

During the event, we asked attendees to take part in an instant messaging demo hosted on AWS, Azure and in the Solace London lab. The demo illustrated Solace’s multi-cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities, including the real-time visualization of messages flowing between those cloud and datacenter environments.… Read the rest

Recap of April 2017 Hong Kong User Group Meeting

On April 12, 2017, over 50 Solace users came together at the Head Office of HSBC in Hong Kong to learn about the latest developments with Solace’s technology and hear fellow customers describe their implementation of Solace technology.

Our CEO Craig Betts attended the meeting and shared our corporate direction. After Craig spoke, Philip Miller of HSBC described a multi-year IT transformation and modernization initiative they’ve been working on, which includes the integration of a new data distribution facility. Then, Damian Lum of Hong Kong Jockey Club described how HKJC uses Solace in their architecture, and explained why data movement infrastructure is such an important part of their transformation efforts to enable digital and be a data-driven enterprise.

Finally, our head of systems engineering Sumeet Puri delivered a compelling presentation about how a “data river” can get information flowing across big data, cloud, digital and IoT initiatives:

We wrapped up the agenda by asking attendees to participate in a fun demonstration of our Pivotal Cloud Foundry capabilities — a simple connected car scenario in which each of them used a smartphone app to placed a car on a map, and then give themselves flat tires or other faults which would appear both on the map and in a tracking dashboard in real-time.… Read the rest

Recapping Solace’s First Chicago User Group Meeting

On November 17th Northern Trust hosted the inaugural Solace User Group meeting in Chicago. The meeting was quite well attended, with over 40 folks present.

chicago-ug-2Kicking things off for the evening was Sameer Manelkar, Manager, Enterprise Middleware Service, Northern Trust. Sameer talked about the challenges Northern Trust is facing with their current messaging solutions including HA and DR, complexity, cost and the need to innovate. He went on to discuss the intricate architecture that Northern Trust has and how Solace technology has changed the nature of messaging for the company. Q&A made it clear that the talk resonated with the attendees, and showed that Sameer and Northern trust understand messaging and know the value of Solace quite well.

chicago-ug-3Solace CTO Shawn McAllister followed Sameer by giving a strategic roadmap update, talking about how the market is changing and growing for open data movement, and discussing some new innovations and solutions Solace recently announced.… Read the rest

Recap of New York User Group October 2016

Earlier this week Wells Fargo hosted the autumn edition of the Solace New York User Group meeting at their offices in midtown Manhattan. This meeting was unusual: in addition to the New York location, Wells Fargo also live-streamed the presentations to a remote group of users in Charlotte, North Carolina, which effectively meant that two Solace user groups were happening at the same time!

To start off the evening, Well Fargo’s David Bloom and Subrata Chatterjee kicked off with a lively discussion on their specific use case with Solace technology. Deutsche Bank’s Matthew Mezger and Thomas Kunnumpurath then talked about their deployments of Solace in their global environments. Shawn McAllister wrapped up with a presentation on all the really cool things we’re working on now.

To end the meeting, we took our users to Michael Jordan’s restaurant at Grand Central Station, where we had a combination mini-celebration/post-user group networking hour. The mini-celebration was in honor of our recent launch of the new Solace logo and Open Data Movement.… Read the rest

Recapping the Summer 2015 User Group Meeting

On July 7th we held our Summer 2015 User Group Meeting in London. Here are some highlights:

  • Our CTO Shawn McAllister introduced the ins and outs of our new Virtual Message Router, the software version of our market leading hardware appliance. In the Q&A and networking session we heard about lots of interesting ideas for how companies might take advantage of the deployment flexibility the VMR gives them.
  • Aaron Lee and Tom Fairbairn did a demo to give the audience an idea of the user experience for installation and operation of the VMR.
  • Mauricio Gonzales Evans, CEO of BCC Group talked about how Solace is helping multiple banking clients tackle Excel compliance.
  • Dave Carson of SR Labs shared some info about their partnership with Solace, and discussed recent developments around OpenMAMA.

It’s always gratifying to see IT pros come together to share their experiences with our technology. We look forward to our upcoming user group meetings in other locations around the world.… Read the rest

Recapping the Inaugural Solace Toronto User Group Meeting

Yesterday, June 12th, we held our first Toronto Solace User Group meeting at the RBC Center in downtown Toronto. We’ve been having user group meetings in other cities for several years and it was very gratifying to see such a critical mass of Solace-experienced people now in Toronto.

The evening kicked off with presentations from Josh Carroll of RBC and Marc Gunter of  CIBC, each of whom gave an overview of their experiences with Solace to date, along with valuable lessons learned.… Read the rest

Recapping the Solace User Group Meeting at Liquidnet

Solace CTO Shawn McAllister
discussing Solace’s roadmap.

On Wednesday, a diverse group of technology leaders from a wide range of financial institutions gathered at the headquarters of Liquidnet in New York City to share experiences with the implementation and operation of Solace technology, and to learn about Solace’s plans for future development.

Thanks to our CTO Shawn McAllister for giving participants a sneak peek into our product roadmap, to Liquidnet for information they shared about their deployment, and to Redline Trading for a detailed update on Solace/Redline integration. Most of all, thanks to the participants who took time out of their busy schedule to join us, participate and share their stories and suggestions.

It was an excellent event, and we look forward to the next one.… Read the rest