Why Solace PubSub+ for PKS?

Advanced event brokers connect your distributed enterprise.

Connect applications everywhere in real time

Create an event mesh and stream events to and from any cloud, container or on-premises environment.

Easy to use and manage

Use the PubSub+ Event Portal to create, catalog, discover, monitor and secure events.

Runtime performance and reliability

Industry-leading event brokers that feature high-performance message throughput, data transfer rates and latency, high availability, disaster recovery and more.

Orchestrate events like you orchestrate containers.

Build event-driven architectures and share events and data from your PKS-based applications with applications in other clouds, containers, legacy systems of record, and more – in real-time, reliably and at scale.

A diagram showing how Solace PubSub+ works with VMware PKS

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All the event-management capabilities you need to deploy event-driven microservices to PKS and share data across your enterprise are available through the Solace technology platform. This includes:

  • The use of PubSub+ advanced event brokers;
  • The ability to link the brokers in an event mesh and dynamically share events; and,
  • An event portal that manages the movement of events through an organization (coming soon).

The Solace platform enables developers working in PKS to connect to systems of record and build real-time event-driven applications more quickly, and it allows enterprises to stream data throughout their organization and beyond robustly and securely.”

Headshot of Holger Mueller

Holger Mueller

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Familiar challenges?

Hitting bumps on the road to enterprise-wide event distribution?

  • Sharing events from legacy systems of record to PKS-based applications
  • Delivering the tooling developers need to build event-driven applications
  • Providing governance for your events (publication and access controls applied during design and validated at runtime)
  • Moving data between applications, users and devices in multiple clouds, containers or virtualized environments in real time
  • Extending event collection and distribution to IoT and mobile devices
  • Connecting applications using diverse protocols and APIs (AMQP, MQTT, JMS and WebSocket, plus REST/HTTP)
  • Scalability, reliability and security issues surrounding moving mission-critical data

Share events throughout your distributed enterprise, in real time.

Event Streaming. Connect your PKS-orchestrated applications to PubSub+ advanced event brokers and stream events securely, reliably, and in real-time from wherever they occur to wherever they need to be.

Support Your Distributed Enterprise. Support applications, users and devices in any location with an advance event broker that works natively in any cloud, container or virtualized environment. Connect your systems of record to the rest of your enterprise in real time.

Manage Events from Start to Finish. PubSub+ provides all the tooling and controls to manage the flow of events through your enterprise, including: event publication, documentation and promotion; event discovery; event visualization (discovery, monitoring and interaction); event lifecycle management of schemas, events and application interface definitions; event governance and security; and guidelines and best practices.

Build an Event Mesh. Just as a service mesh connects microservices in Kubernetes in a RESTful manner, a PubSub+ enabled event mesh connects event-driven microservices (containerized or otherwise), as well as legacy applications, cloud-native services, multi-foundation deployments of PKS, and the wide variety of devices and data sources/sinks that can operate in cloud and non-cloud environments asynchronously.

The runtime performance and reliability you need.

  • Message replay lets applications retrieve information long after it was sent and delivered
  • Management and monitoring tools including a GUI, RESTful API, SYSLOG and more
  • WAN distribution that’s fast, reliable and bandwidth-efficient
  • Stream processing lets applications ingest PubSub+ event streams and deliver results in real time

We are pleased that Solace has validated its solutions for VMware PKS. This signifies to customers that PubSub+ event brokers can be deployed with the knowledge and reassurance that Solace fully supports the specified versions and configurations on VMware PKS.”

Headshot of VMware's Pat Lee

Pat Lee

Vice President, Emerging ISVs & Solutions, VMware

Ready to get started?

For everything you need to deploy a Solace PubSub+ advanced event broker in PKS – for free – including scripts, Helm charts and setup instructions, go to the GitHub repository. Or head over to our Docs site to learn how to configure, manage and succeed with PubSub+.