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When Connecting Kafka to Solace PubSub+ Makes Sense

Many customers tell us they love our PubSub+ event broker because it lets them establish event-driven interactions between applications and microservices across hybrid cloud environments using open APIs and protocols. At the same time, they acknowledge that their developers are committed to using Kafka.

I’ve got good news!

We’ve just introduced two Kafka Connectors, one source and one sink, that make it really easy to combine the unique advantages of these two technologies.

There is some functional overlap between Solace and Kafka, of course, but if you look at the underlying architecture and operational characteristics of the two tools you’ll realize they solve different problems in very different – and frequently complementary – ways.

Here are a few ways Solace and Kafka can complement each other in the enterprise ecosystem, which is now easier than ever thanks to our new Kafka Connectors.

Scenario 1: Connectivity across hybrid cloud

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