Ali Pourshahid

Chief Engineering Officer

Ali Pourshahid is Solace's Chief Engineering Officer, leading the engineering teams at Solace. Ali is responsible for the delivery and operation of Software and Cloud services at Solace. He leads a team of incredibly talented engineers, architects, and User Experience designers in this endeavor. Since joining, he's been a significant force behind the PS+ Cloud Platform, Event Portal, and Insights products. He also played an essential role in evolving Solace's engineering methods, processes, and technology direction.
Before Solace, Ali worked at IBM and Klipfolio, building engineering teams and bringing several enterprise and Cloud-native SaaS products to the market. He enjoys system design, building teams, refining processes, and focusing on great developer and product experiences. He has extensive experience in building agile product-led teams.
Ali earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa, where he researched and developed ways to improve processes automatically. He has several cited publications and patents and was recognized a Master Inventor at IBM.