Lily Ng

Lily Ng is a marketing specialist at Solace. She is based in Singapore.

Hardware + Software + Cloud

Why the +? Because PubSub+ offers publish/subscribe + queueing + request/reply + streaming + message replay all in single platform that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale across your cloud, on-premises and IoT environments.

If you’re responsible for developing kickass apps, architecting innovative IT systems or implementing next-gen IoT initiatives, we think you’ll love PubSub+.

See hardware and software performance

The three deployment options


PubSub+ Cloud is a managed service that taps the power of PubSub+ in minutes, leaving the operation of your messaging infrastructure to us.

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PubSub+ software is easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers, and VMs, and the enterprise-grade Standard edition is free.

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PubSub+ appliances offer extreme performance and capacity in a compact form factor with the operations and low TCO of a turnkey appliance.

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65 billion messages a day.

“That’s 750,000 messages a second, 24 hours a day. That’s huge volume, and we do all that completely seamlessly without any data loss.”

Joshua Carroll of RBC

Joshua CarrollManaging DirectorRBC Capital Markets

We loathe lock-in, too

Which is why we provide APIs for the most popular programming languages, and support your favorite open APIs and protocols so you can take a best-in-class approach to messaging and never get locked in to any technology—including ours.


Allows microservices to send and receive messages using native HTTP client libraries instead of messaging client libraries.

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A few more reasons why the world’s leading companies rely on Solace PubSub+

There’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are linked by the industry’s most robust, battle-tested and reliable event broker technology. Whether you have legacy ESBs/messaging on-prem, a DB system of record on-prem, cloud-native services and business applications, or even a Kafka cluster as an endpoint, PubSub+ allows you to tie your architectures together to benefit from the best of all technologies.

Management & Governance

  • Centralized admin and governance
  • Security of assets and data, both at rest and in motion
  • Proactive monitoring and event-driven alerting at system, service and client levels
  • Integrates with existing systems

Scale & Performance

  • H/W non-persistent: 28M msgs/sec; persistent: 5.5M msgs/sec
  • S/W non-persistent: 1.9M msgs/sec; persistent: 288k msgs/sec
  • 200k IoT connections
  • Vertical and horizontal scale

Advanced broker features

  • Pub/sub, queuing, request/reply, streaming
  • Message replay
  • Built-in HA and DR
  • Prioritization, dead message queues, wildcards, filtering
  • In-service upgrades

Federated Event Routing

  • Discovery and distribution across public and private clouds, PaaS and on-premises deployments in multiple regions
  • Dynamic, self-learning routing
  • Fast, bandwidth-efficient routing even over WANs

One messaging platform to rule them all

So how does all of this work together? We’re glad you asked. Enter the event mesh.

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