Editor’s Note: The VMR (Virtual Message Router) mentioned in this post is now Solace PubSub+.

The performance of Solace’s software and hardware data movement products has always been the best in the industry, but demand for ever higher throughput continues as the increasing ubiquity of technologies like big data, hybrid cloud, IoT and mobile computing drives the need to move more and more data in real-time. That’s why product performance is something our engineers are always working on, and it’s why we’ve just announced improvements to the performance of our Virtual Message Router software and 3560 appliance.

Version 8.2 of the VMR boosts message rates to 640,000 guaranteed messages per second in fan-out scenarios, and 80,000 guaranteed messages per second when routing messages on a 1:1 basis. That’s a 30%-50% improvement over earlier versions of the VMR.

Our hardware team has also been busy. We’ve just released the Assured Delivery Blade 4,  our fastest ADB ever. Combined with a new 80 Gbps network I/O blade in the latest 3560 chassis, this new configuration is 50-120% faster than the earlier ADB-3 systems. The ADB-4 and 8x10GE NAB deliver a whopping 5.5 million guaranteed messages per second in fan-out scenarios, and 640,000  guaranteed messages per second when routing messages on a 1:1 basis.

More and more, we see VMRs being used to connect to clients at the edges of the networks, funneling data into Solace appliances within datacenters. Faster VMRs at the edge allow you to connect more clients, and move more data to and from those clients, while faster appliances in the core give you the capacity you need to route that data to your enterprise applications and big data lakes.

You can find the latest performance details for the Solace VMR and appliance here.


Steve Buchko

Steve Buchko is Solace’s VP of Product Management, Core Products, leading a team that works closely with our customers, CTO, and our engineers to define Solace’s product roadmap and direction. Steve was one of our first product architects, and continues to collaborate with Solace’s product architecture team, translating the customer requirements into a robust product design.

Prior to joining Solace, Steve had a long career at Newbridge Networks (later Alcatel Canada), where his roles included product manager, product architect, and software team manager. He was responsible for the definition and development of IP routing and ATM switching features across a variety of Newbridge products. Steve was a regular attendee at the IETF, and is co-inventor of several patents in the telecommunications and networking space.