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Integrating legacy and modern systems is a top priority for digital transformation

In this era of unprecedented business disruption and rising expectations for seamless, real-time digital experiences, enterprises need a way to integrate systems dynamically, reliably, and securely so they can realize business efficiencies, create compelling customer experiences, remove complexity from IT, and expose new operational intelligence.

But integrating legacy and modern systems can be complex.

  • How do you connect modern and legacy applications without creating a rigid, brittle web of point-to-point connections with cascading points of failure?
  • How can modern, decentralized IT decision-making thrive when systems are so disparate and disconnected?
  • How can teams navigate the complexities of reconciling systems between business units or in cases of mergers and acquisitions?

To overcome these challenges, you need to underpin integrations with an enterprise-grade event distribution layer.

What you need for event-driven integration

Enterprise-grade event
streaming: Event Mesh

To deploy event brokers anywhere and connect them quickly, dynamically and securely to stream events across your distributed enterprise.

An event mesh is an architecture layer that allows events from one application to be dynamically routed and received by any other application, no matter where these applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud). You create an event mesh by deploying and connecting event brokers across environments.”

Shawn Mcallister

Shawn McAllister Chief Technology Officer, Solace

An event management
toolset: Event Portal

To support the efficient design, development, and governance of event-driven integrations, applications and architecture.

PubSub+ Event Portal provides the visibility and design thinking required to map out and implement your event-driven integrations. The tool documents and manages event elements such as schemas and topic strings and syncs them with your integration technology for faster, easier implementation.”

Jonathan Schabowsky

Jonathan Schabowsky Sr Architect, Office of the CTO

Technology that works where you are: Connector Hub

Technology partners and protocol support to meet every integration need of your organization.

Solace’s best-in-class integration with leading iPaaS providers lets you event-enable a wide range of technologies, from databases to flat files to SaaS applications. And if iPaaS doesn’t fit your enterprise, Solace Connector Hub provides additional options for connectivity and transformation.”

Jesse MenningJesse MenningArchitect, Office of the CTO

Why Solace PubSub+ for Event-Driven Integration?

Here are our top 3 reasons:

  1. The integrator of integrators: simple, flexible implementation
    PubSub+ creates a simple path towards event-driven integration by working with all the technology you already have in place. Multi-protocol support means that we will support any messaging protocol you choose, and our event mesh allows you to integrate between on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud deployments.
  2. Unique and powerful event portal
    Our event portal offers a graphical interface to define, model, catalog and visualize events, event-driven applications, and event flow within your system. It’s the first and only product of its kind, and it will save you time, money, and mistakes, and help accelerate your move to adopt event-driven architecture.
  3. Scalable performance across your distributed enterprise and event mesh
    Solace event brokers have the enterprise-grade, best-in-class performance needed to make your infrastructure fast, reliable and secure. Guaranteed, in-order message delivery and reliably low latency allow your systems to distribute events to subscribers in real-time, unlocking organizational agility.

The goal is to break the data silos to accelerate the omnichannel strategy, improve customer behavior knowledge, optimize stock management, raise product quality, increase e-business revenue and synchronize platform and marketplace strategy. At an operational level, the goal is to rationalize and simplify the integration landscape while accelerating the time to market for the business."

-Les Mousquetaires' event-driven integration journey

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