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White Paper: Event Driven Integration with iPaaS - The Power of Real-time Connectivity

To stay ahead of the competition, enterprises must create better customer experiences and make smart decisions quickly in response to constantly shifting marketing conditions.

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In today's business environment, making better decisions by simply integrating applications is often not enough to satisfy customers or stay ahead of the competition. Accessing, analyzing, and distributing real-time data can be crucial for time-critical decisions and offering up the best user experience for your clients.

As a global enterprise, these are the things you have to do in order to be a successful real-time business:

1. Instantly distribute information around the globe, across cloud and on-premises environments

2. Handle massive amounts of new data without overwhelming backend systems

3. Keep critical data safe in the case of a system failure

4.React quickly to changing market conditions with innovative solutions


In this white paper, Jesse Menning describes the benefits of using an iPaaS solution, the challenges you can face with handling real-time data, and how event-driven integration can solve some of these challenges.