Interruptions and inconsistency in the supply of market data can cause financial firms to lose as much money in a few minutes as they usually make in as many days. Market data needs to quickly flow from exchange feeds to the systems and people that need it with no outages, even through periods of extreme volume or volatility. Solace can efficiently route market data to many subscribers locally and around the world.

  • Fast, predictable performance: Processing market data in hardware eliminates the variable latency associated with processing messages in software running on general purpose servers.
  • Lower cost and complexity: Solace’s messaging appliance can handle the workload of as many as 30 servers, dramatically reducing architectural and operational complexity.
  • WAN efficiency: Since Solace’s appliances are aware of subscriptions across the network, data is only forwarded to other appliances with relevant subscribers. And only one copy of each message is sent over the WAN, with fanout happening at the edge.