Your challenge

Modernize your market data system for greater efficiency and lower costs while improving both compliance and burst handling.

The increasing volatility of capital markets has exacerbated longstanding problems with the pricing models of market data providers, and the expenses associated with making market data available across your enterprise can dwarf the cost of acquiring it by a factor of 8*. Between that and the need for quants and risk managers to quickly back-test for investment strategies and compliance metrics, it’s imperative that buy-side and sell-side firms alike are able to answer these questions about how they receive market data:

*Source: Refinitiv Report (2019)

  • How do you ensure the trusted sources of data across your business don’t contain redundant or conflicting information?
  • How can you maintain information security, regulatory compliance and the trustworthiness of data while using cloud resources to increase capacity?
  • How can you reduce the cost of acquiring and maintaining market data?

The Solution

Solace PubSub+ Platform makes it easy to efficiently route real-time market data between trusted data sources and other front- and back-office systems across on-premises and cloud environments.

Solace PubSub+ Platform makes it easy to efficiently route real-time market data

The keys to a successful market data management strategy are reuse and reliability.

An event mesh gives you the means to work with virtually unlimited number of data sources over a wide variety of interfaces, including your trusty Excel spreadsheets and utilizing Webhooks.

PubSub+ can help you link trusted sources of data across your ecosystem and enable your teams to innovate with cross-asset products, indices and back-testing capabilities.

What an event mesh can do for you

Technical Benefits

  • Leverage the cloud: Dynamically increase capacity through the dynamic automated use of compute resources in the PaaS or Public Cloud of your choice.
  • Optimize productivity by distributing task-specific data so workers only get the market data they need.
  • Improve security by dynamically managing information access and other permissions across departments and lines of business.
  • Create and share a single version of the truth by using PubSub+ Event Portal to create holistic view of your market data event flows.
  • Easily share market data across your organization with support for all of your runtime environments, on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Improve burst handling – with a robust, reliable solution capable of handling even the most highest and most volatile trading volumes.
  • Consume market data in a variety of ways via open APIs and protocols that suit your requirements.
  • Streamline the inclusion of solutions like OneTick and kdb+ (KX) into your system through pre-configured integrations

Business Value

  • Ace audits and improve compliance with commercial SLAs and government regulations with granular and well-governed data distribution.
  • Streamline partnerships by being able to more easily and securely offer your proprietaray data to partners.
  • Accelerate decision making by giving your quants and architects freedom to receive market data from traditional and alternate sources.
  • Futureproof your platform with a platform-, protocol- and cloud-agnostic solution that complies regulations like FRTB and is easy to plug into legacy systems for historical and reference data.

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Read this paper to learn about the business case for cloud-delivered market data and how Solace can help.

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