New monitoring product helps IT staff detect and proactively address issues before applications and users are affected

OTTAWA, Feb. 28, 2019 – Solace announced today a new product called PubSub+ Monitor that helps organizations maintain and maximize the health of their PubSub+ based event mesh. An event mesh is an interconnected network of event brokers that ensures the delivery of events and information between applications, connected devices and users across diverse cloud and on-premises environments.

Solace PubSub+ Monitor collects critical metrics and events from across an event mesh, then uses alerts and dashboards to help IT operations teams proactively address issues that might otherwise affect the applications and users that rely on it.

“There are three key aspects of monitoring an event mesh: collecting and storing metrics, handling events like status updates and security events, and making key insights available via dashboards and alerts,” said Denis King, Solace’s chief operating officer.

PubSub+ Monitor is a unified monitoring solution that helps PubSub+ users detect and proactively address potential problems, recover quickly from problems that do arise, and generally optimize performance and resource utilization.”

PubSub+ Monitor provides pre-configured dashboards that give users real-time visibility into key metrics and events. It also enables the automatic delivery of alerts based on pre-defined or custom thresholds with the ability to examine the situation behind them. PubSub+ Monitor even offers a “topology view,” which gives operators a visual map of all their event brokers and connections between them. This includes the ability to launch PubSub+ Broker Manager to quickly access and manage any element of the system.

“Our research shows that monitoring and analyzing events is important to the functional responsibility of more than four in five participants. Availability and performance problems can have far-reaching effects on applications, users and the bottom line,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research.

To protect themselves from such consequences, enterprises should make sure they put in place a management and monitoring system that lets them proactively identify and addresses developing situations before they become problems.”

PubSub+ Monitor includes three modules, which organizations can buy together or on an à la carte basis.

  • The Collector Module simplifies data retrieval by using Solace’s element management protocol (SEMP) to poll brokers, capture statistics about broker state and send them to a database.
  • The Metrics Module augments the Collector Module with storage, alerting and visualization.
  • The Events Module receives syslog event data from the brokers, enabling real-time alerts about system, VPN and client events.

Solace PubSub+ Monitor is generally available now.

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