Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of
event-driven assets from inception to success


Catalog Screenshot Simple Version

Catalog and Discover Find and Understand All Your Events

Find events with an easily searchable catalog that lets you view their schemas and the relationships between the applications that produce and consume them. Manage your event-driven assets alongside your RESTful APIs by integrating it with your favorite developer portals and API management platforms.

Design Graphically Design and Manage
Your Event Streams

Easily design event streams, schemas and app with a GUI that lets you drag and drop your assets into place, and crank out AsyncAPI code with the click of a button.

Then manage their lifecycle from cradle to grave, including promotion across environments and versioning.

PubSub+ Portal - Access and Deploy

Access and Deploy Launch Your Event-Driven Apps to Success

Empower your developers with self-service access to all the event streams they need, the ability to define the events their apps publish and subscribe to, and ultimately push their required configs to brokers – with permission, of course.

Audit and Govern Keep Everything as it was Intended

Foster best practices and compliance by assigning and enforcing things like topic structure and locking down access with roles and domains. Automatically audit your runtime to make sure it stays in line with design intent, and increase the reuse of events with the help of metrics and KPI.

Make the Most of your Kafka Streams

Maximize the value of your Kafka infrastructure with PubSub+ Event Portal. Empower developers to effortlessly design, configure and deploy streaming applications.

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See PubSub+ Event Portal in Action

PubSub+ Event Portal lets you:

  • Design events and event-driven apps,
    with best practices built-in
  • Discover and catalog events
    from across your business
  • Visualize, optimize, and govern event flow
    across your distributed enterprise
See PubSub+ Event Portal in Action

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You’ll get full-feature access to PubSub+ Event Portal, with up to 15,000 objects, i.e. events, schemas or apps.

So you can test it against a live broker, you’ll also get one PubSub+ Event Broker enterprise developer service which supports up to 100 connections, 8 Gbps of throughput, and 2 GB of storage.

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