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Event Mesh

Solace Product Update June 2022

CTO Shawn McAllister and leaders of the Solace product team hosted a live webinar to demonstrate some of the really cool capabilities being added to PubSub+ Platform. 

The main goals of these new features are to make it easier for enterprises to integrate applications in an event-driven manner, and to manage the resulting event mesh.

Fully integrated Kafka client bridge

Connect Kafka clusters to your event mesh with simple configuration commands on the broker. This built-in integration reduces cost as well as architectural and operational complexity.

Open source connectors

More easily integrate more assets into your event mesh with open source connectors based on the Spring Cloud Stream Applications project. They’ll utilize our existing Spring Cloud Stream binders for publishers and consumers, and be standalone apps that you can run with or without Docker, and deploy into Kubernetes.

These rich connectors will be HA-capable and generate metrics that help you understand their performance and utilization, either through a built-in display or integration with tools like Cloudwatch, Datadog, Dynatrace and Elastic.

Distributed tracing functionality

Our distributed tracing functionality emits trace events in OpenTelemetry format so you can collect, visualize & analyze them in any OpenTelemetry compatible tool such as Jaeger, DataDog, Dynatrace and many others.

Event lifecycle management in PubSub+ Event Portal

The addition of sophisticated lifecycle management features to PubSub+ Event Portal, like finer-grained role-based access controls, object versions, lifecycle states and environments, will help you more effectively govern your event mesh to ensure consistent development practices and security.