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Event Mesh

Decarbonizing the Energy and Resources Industry

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The road to decarbonization is a bit like trying to ride a bicycle while assembling it. It’s tricky to balance the need for change, the growing disruption, and the commitment to shareholders.

Fortunately, over the last several years, some very innovative resources and energy companies have started to use technology to enable better business optimization through digital transformation. It’s no surprise that improved efficiency and productivity is beneficial to top and bottom lines, even when commodity prices are under pressure.

Companies are making this digital transition while implementing sound and responsible climate action strategies, which are also enabled by advancing their enterprise technology. One example of such a technology is called an event mesh – an architectural layer that helps companies become more productive and more efficient, which ultimately improves its cost of production and/or distribution.

Much of what is needed to reduce emissions can be achieved through more efficient operations. The true power of an event mesh lies in the ability for companies to integrate their operations in real-time.