Your challenge:

With increasing trade volumes and products, and critical data spread across silos, it can be difficult to find business insights and comply with financial regulations and audit obligations.

Post-trade systems don’t get much love. But investment banks and FIs now realize that legacy infrastructure will fail in high-volatility situations.

And new entrants are leveraging market volatility to create value for their customers.

Creating a system to propagate and analyze market and reference data is crucial to building innovative products, keeping operational costs low, flagging bad actors, and staying compliant. None of this is possible until you answer these questions:

  • How will you democratize your data when it’s locked in silos and tied together with point-to-point connections that make it difficult to scale?
  • How will you leverage advanced solutions from the cloud when your data sets are enormous and your on-prem systems are built for point-to-point connections?
  • How will you streamline your single source of truth when there are multiple copies of the same data?
  • And because adding compute capacity will not help slow systems on the edge, how will you handle days of volatility?

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented trading volumes and volatility, but even as we’ve climbed from 65 billion messages a day to over 118 billion, we’ve had no outages or degradations in performance in our critical market data and messaging applications. Our Solace messaging and eventing platform took the data increases in stride.”

Used by 6 of the 10 world’s biggest investment banks and 3 of the top 6 FX trading banks, Solace PubSub+ meets the diverse data movement needs of banks, capital markets participants, and exchanges.

Joshua Carroll, RBC

Joshua Carroll

Managing Director, Head of Architecture, RBC Capital Markets

The solution:

Link your back and middle office systems with an event mesh to securely share key events between applications and efficiently use cloud resources for analytics and other specialized needs.

Overcome those challenges with an event mesh

An event mesh helps you share a simple event, like placing a market trade, with multiple systems which can derive relevant outcomes and next steps.

Some use an event mesh to inform other metrics like the bond yield curve, while others use it to flag a transaction as “suspicious” so the front-end systems can continue focusing on incoming transactions.

An event mesh also taps into legacy systems to unlock organizational knowledge while ensuring that slower, batch-based systems are not pushed beyond their limits.

What an event mesh can do for you

An event mesh is a configurable and dynamic infrastructure layer for distributing events among decoupled applications, cloud services and devices. It enables event communications to be governed, flexible, reliable and fast. An event mesh is created and enabled through a network of interconnected event brokers.

Technical Benefits

  • Leverage best of breed tech: Build applications that leverage the best commercially available solution to each problem, whether that’s on-premises software or a cloud-native service.
  • Prepare for Fintech challenges without vendor lock-in: With API-friendly data distribution infrastructure and support for open protocols, you can innovate faster than your competitors.
  • Unlock legacy assets: Liberate data locked in legacy reference data systems running on the mainframe by letting them share data with modern applications and microservices.
  • Simplify governance: Manage all your data movement with a single pane of glass so you can more easily ensure that AML and other sensitive data are routed and handled as necessary.

Business Benefits

  • One place to manage: Built for scale and paired with support for sophisticated workflows that can span services (spot, options, futures) and platforms (on-premises and cloud).
  • Optimize institutional knowledge: Unlock the institutional knowledge that makes your business special and put it to new use by making it more readily available for access and analysis.
  • Streamline partnerships: Securely offer your products and value propositions to other businesses without causing IT headaches.
  • Accelerate decision-making: Analyze the risk, spread and impact on other metrics in real-time, and automate frequent decisions like disbursements and dispute management.

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