Your legacy post-trade system has served you well, but times are a-changin’

Big Data


New regulatory requirements
with stiff fines

Surveillance has become business-critical

The barriers on your path to post-trade modernization

You want to: democratize
all data

  • 🚧   data is locked in LoB silos
  • 🚧   point-to-point connections can’t scale

the cloud

  • 🚧   data sets are too large
  • 🚧   every on-prem system needs a queued or point-to-point connection

Streamline your
source of truth

  • 🚧   you have multiple copies of the same data
  • 🚧   it’s challenging to audit and lineage data

Build a shock

  • 🚧   adding more compute or queue depth hurts the slow consumers
  • 🚧   poor back-office workflows hurt the front-office

Innovate and improve

  • 🚧   cross-LoB data access shakes the scaffolding
  • 🚧   it’s hard to build new products that can respond to evolving markets

Overcome those challenges with an event mesh.

Overcome those challenges with an event mesh

What is an Event Mesh?

An event mesh is a configurable and dynamic infrastructure layer for distributing events among decoupled applications, cloud services and devices. It enables event communications to be governed, flexible, reliable and fast. An event mesh is created and enabled through a network of interconnected event brokers.

An event mesh powered by PubSub+ enables:

Guaranteed delivery of data

  • at a rate the applications need
  • slow consumers are not left behind

Low-latency across the ecosystem

  • for ultra-fast decision making and remedies
  • to unlock data from silos while maintaining control and content entitlements

Cloud-native operations

  • cloud-native deployment to help you use cutting-edge AI/ML services
  • minimize data egress and accelerate performance

Connection with any and all systems

  • multi-protocol system with wide API support
  • integrate with SWIFT and other systems

Event governance & management

  • fine-grain filtering and ability to design sophisticated workflows
  • discover and intuitively work with events

Ace compliance

  • eliminate duplicates and help meet regulatory requirements for a cross-exchange view of trading activity and risk
  • help detect and flag anomalies in real-time for your surveillance needs

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