Your challenge

Innovate and increase efficiency while managing risk and ensuring compliance.

Oh, and never suffer an outage.

With increasing regulatory and compliance requirements (MiFID, FX Global Code), new fintechs pushing the pace of innovation, and rising trading volumes and volatility pushing legacy systems to their breaking points, it is more important than ever to answer the following questions:

  • How can you serve traders, quants, analysts – especially post-Covid – with disjointed services in your front, middle and back offices and that make it hard to establish secure, compliant connections between them?
  • How can you maintain market share against fintechs when your team can’t innovate fast enough to deliver at the scale and speed you need?
  • How do you deal with periods of volatility when there are massive swings in positions, and your legacy systems are at a breaking point?

The solution

Link your web services or thick front-end apps, ECNs and post-trade systems with an event mesh.

Diagram: FX Trading Event Mesh

The key to a successful FX line of business is coupling fast front-end with a back-end that executes trades at ECNs with high-liquidity.

An event mesh supports this by enabling real-time, event-driven communications between systems and services across environments and geographies.

What an event mesh can do for you

Technical Benefits

  • Leverage best of breed tech: Use the best commercially available solution to each problem, whether that’s on-premises software or a cloud-native service.
  • Prepare for fintech competition: With API-friendly, protocol-agnostic data distribution infrastructure, you can innovate faster than your competitors.
  • Unlock legacy assets: Liberate data locked in systems running on the mainframe by letting them share data with modern applications and microservices.
  • Simplify governance: Manage all your data movement with a single pane of glass so you can more easily ensure that AML and other sensitive data is routing and handled appropriately.

Business Value

  • One place to manage: Built for scale and featuring support for sophisticated workflows that can span services (spot, options, futures) and platforms (on-premises and cloud).
  • Optimize institutional knowledge: Leverage the institutional knowledge that makes your business special by making it more readily available for access and analysis.
  • Streamline partnerships: Securely offer your products and value propositions to other businesses without IT headaches.
  • Accelerate decision making: Analyze the risk, spread and impact on other metrics in real-time, and automate frequent decisions like approving or declining queries and requests.

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