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Solace and CORE Transport Technologies Join Forces to Power Global Rollout of ULD Tracking in Air Transport Industry

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Step Aside Miss Daisy, It’s the Data that’s Driving Now

Cars aren’t the only things being “driven” in this new age of the connected car — a staggering array of sensors and control systems, roadside devices and third-party services are driving a deluge of real-time information to, from, between and within vehicles as they travel modern roadways.

In the Internet of Things, data creates the opportunity for value. And as complexity grows, so does the potential value of the data you collect. Combine IoT with the complexity of today’s vehicles and you have the potential for staggering value in terms of convenience, efficiency safety.

Consider some basic statistics. On average, a connected car will send 25 gigabytes of data to the cloud during an hour of operation. That’s about 6.9 terabytes a year. Just to be complete, Google’s self-driving car gathers about 750 megabytes of sensor data a second, which doesn’t include the car systems themselves. In any case, we’re talking about a lot of data moving around.… Read the rest

Infographic: Meeting the Diverse Data Movement Needs of the IoT

The Internet of Things is finally happening at mass scale as the cost of the sensors, networks and computing power has made the economics work. There are many articles on the web that focus on the sensors, the processes and the opportunity for analytics to drive new efficiencies using IoT, but not much has been written about the many protocols you can use to get data flowing between them.

Solace’s Young Kwon has written a pair of articles that focus on how real-time data moves from place to place within IoT architectures: the introducctory “Why IoT Needs Messaging” and Understanding IoT Protocols – Matching your Requirements to the Right Option.

The second post, which is introduced and summarized by this infographic, explains the four different ways data moves around the Internet of Things (device to device, device to gateway, gateway to data system and between data systems), and breaks down how well some of the most popular data movement protocols apply to each kind of interaction.… Read the rest

Talking IoT and Geo-Fencing at GOTO Berlin

Last week the GOTO developer conference was held for the fourth time in Berlin. As one of Europe’s fastest growing tech start-up hubs, Berlin is home to a vibrant community of developers which was well demonstrated by their representation in the speaker line-up and the conversations I had with them.

Solace was there to discuss with developers and architects the topic of real-time data movement across the distributed application and deployment architectures that are typical for most modern IT initiatives. It was encouraging to learn that many attendees were not just familiar with the role of message-oriented middleware, but are actually using it in their own projects. This brought an interesting dynamic to these conversations and enabled us to dig deeper into the challenges and constraints they were facing.

In our booth we demonstrated an IoT use-case using train-based sensors to identify track problems by aggregating readings from all trains in the system and analysing the resulting big data set in the cloud.Read the rest

Demonstrating IoT at SAP TechEd Barcelona

Last week I attended SAP TechEd in Barcelona. As a strategic partner of SAP, Solace had a booth where I had set up an Internet of Things demo. It consisted of a toy train carrying a sensor which collected information about temperature, direction and speed, and sent the data to a Raspberry Pi via Bluebooth. The Raspberry Pi in turn published this information to a topic in a Solace appliance in London using the MQTT protocol. A consumer represented by a Java program deployed locally on my Macbook in Barcelona subscribed to the topic and provisioned an influx database, which was used by a Grafana Dashboard to display the sensor information.

Here is the architecture of the demo:

This simple demo illustrated the ability of Solace to easily provide a pub/sub architecture that’s robust, scalable and highly available. On top of this, Solace serving as the messaging back-bone of SAP Hana Cloud Platform was another real life example of the reliability of our solution, being used already in many SAP datacenters worldwide.… Read the rest


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