Could the “Messaging Proliferation” Problem Happen to You?

If you work in capital markets, you know that most buy side and sell side firms operate lots of different messaging products across their business. It’s not unusual for a firm to have six to ten different messaging technologies in their production environment, from different vendors, as a legacy of M&A and developed internally. As a rational technologist, I can hear your internal line of questioning: How does this happen? What drives this type of fragmentation? Is it as bad as it sounds? And you’re probably thinking this could never happen to you.

But if you’re implementing big data or cloud, it probably already is. I will explain why, but first – how did capital markets get to this point and what are they doing about it?

Not so long ago, financial trading was done by customers talking to their brokers who talked to traders who placed an order to make a trade.… Read the rest

Infographic: Real-Time Information and The Data Deluge

In our industry, the meaning of terms often shift over time. Case in point, the term “real time” has been around for decades, but its meaning has changed several times.

Initially, the term real time was used in high performance computing circles to describe problems that required correlation between events within a latency budget. For example, a high-tech manufacturing process step that needs to be altered within 3 milliseconds of a given condition being identified. Those real-time computing systems were optimized for timing predictability.

Later, the term real time came to mean up-to-the-minute or second information – kind of the opposite of batch oriented. At the time, batch was still the dominant architecture for sharing information across systems and geographies due to the high cost of adequate WAN bandwidth and computing power. Making any system real time required serious cost justification, otherwise, batch prevailed.… Read the rest

The Solace VMR – It’s About Customer Choice

Editor’s noteWe’ve renamed our product suite. The VMR is now referred to as Solace PubSub+. See our products page for more information.


It all Started in Hardware…

When Solace began in 2001, the key company founding observation was that the volume of real-time information in the world was about to skyrocket, yet the technology that existed to manage and move it was closed, limited and expensive.

Thus was born the Solace message routing appliance; a unique piece of hardware that combines many capabilities in one device:

  • Support for multiple APIs and protocols like JMS, OpenMAMA, REST, MQTT to integrate with the majority of existing applications.
  • Smart WAN protocols to dramatically improve behavior over long-distance networks.
  • Ultra low latency for when microseconds matter.
  • Web streaming to hundreds of thousands of mobile users or IoT devices.
  • Comprehensive monitoring for the most detailed understanding of application traffic available anywhere.

… all with 50-100 times higher throughput than any comparable technology.… Read the rest

The World’s First Real-Time Mixed Reality Ski Race

A race pitting a professional skier against two “virtual reality” game console players was broadcast live earlier this month at the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich, Germany. It was billed by its creators (IT Innovation Center) as the world’s first real-time mixed reality ski race.

Each console skier could see the other two in their virtual reality display and the live skier had an augmented reality headset that projected his virtual competitors as well as virtual start, finish and course markers on top of the World Cup course he was skiing. The key to making this kind of thing possible is establishing a low latency data connection to continuously move status information between the two remote virtual reality skiers (in Greece and Munich) and the live skier (in Austria).

This is yet another excellent example of what our connected future will look like. Check out the video,
it’s pretty cool.… Read the rest

Velocimetrics Announces Technology Partnership with Solace Systems

Ottawa, Ont., January 29 2015Velocimetrics, the provider of real-time business performance monitoring and analysis solutions to the global financial community, today announces its technology partnership with Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based messaging middleware. This partnership demonstrates Velocimetrics’ ongoing commitment to ensuring thatTipOff® continues to excel in enabling users to independently monitor and analyse their middleware messaging activities, which form the very fabric on which the industry’s trading systems are built.

TipOff joined the Velocimetrics product suite in mid-2014, and this agreement extends the previous relationship managed by the solution’s prior custodians. The partnership was originally developed in response to requests from financial service clients keen to deploy a joint solution.

velociscreenshotTipOff enables market participants to rapidly reveal performance issues impacting real-time financial systems and networks by providing access and insight into detailed middleware, network and market data statistics. By complementing traditional monitoring techniques with a rich, contextual understanding of how effectively the middleware is performing, users can very quickly detect early warning signs of evolving operational conditions that could result in increased latency.… Read the rest

Design Patterns for Large-Scale Data Movement

There is no “best” way to distribute data within applications. If you ask an experienced architect for advice you’ll get a litany of followup questions before they’re willing to make recommendations: LAN or WAN? Large blocks of data or small? How many updates per second? They’ll also want to know how “real-time” you need it to be (i.e. what kind of latency you can tolerate), how many recipients each update needs to go to and what level of delivery or transaction guarantee you need. They’ll want to understand your network environment – private, public, cloud, etc. – and any requirements related to archival, regulatory compliance, uptime and disaster recovery. Each of those factors affects the protocols you may choose and manner of implementation decisions.

In this presentation,  Solace systems engineer Ken Overton described popular data movement design patterns, discussed the myriad of deployment considerations that impact manageability and high availability, and illustrated the impact of such decisions with real world examples.… Read the rest

Spotex Chooses Solace Systems to Enable Faster, More Efficient FX Trading

Low Latency ECN Infrastructure Reduces Response Times and Slippage

Ottawa, Ontario July 15, 2014Solace Systems announced today that Spotex has selected Solace message routers to serve as the low latency messaging foundation of their foreign exchange (FX) electronic communications network (ECN). The Spotex ECN delivers fair, transparent FX trade matching that increases customer profitability by reducing response times and minimizing the difference between the prices at which orders are placed and filled, commonly called slippage.

“Solace offers a unique combination of operational simplicity and extreme low latency, allowing Spotex to build highly scalable and reliable solutions for our clients, ” said Ritesh Agrawal, CEO of Spotex. “Solace’s hardware-based approach to messaging eliminates the performance problems we’ve seen in software-based solutions.”

Solace message routers efficiently move information between trade participants and Spotex’s high-speed matching engine. Solace ensures high availability to avoid many types of possible failures, which is essential to the 24-hour nature of FX markets.… Read the rest

Crédit Agricole CIB Selects Solace Systems Messaging Appliances for Next Generation eTrading Platform

Solace Technology Creates a Fast, Reliable and Agile Platform for Growth in FX Services Market

Ottawa, Ontario, June 10, 2014 Solace Systems announced today that Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) has decided to implement Solace messaging appliances as the data distribution backbone as part of its continuous investment in low latency electronic trading in FX, Rates and Bonds.

“The electronic market landscape is evolving rapidly, and we need to service our client needs with reliable, robust, low-latency technology” said Stamos Fokianos, Global Head of eBusiness for the Global Markets Division at Crédit Agricole CIB. “After a careful study of available technologies, we found that Solace most closely matched our targets and aspirations in the eBusiness space.”

Unifying all messaging on Solace simplifies the management of the different systems and improves reliability, flexibility and scalability. Crédit Agricole CIB sees significant growth opportunities in eBusiness in its chosen segments and geographies, and uses technology as a key differentiator.… Read the rest

New Solace Message Routers Accelerate Enterprise Applications and Enable Big Data, Cloud and IoT

Combined with Release of SolOS 7.0, New Models Enable Application-Aware Networks that Improve Performance, Robustness and TCO of IT Infrastructure

Ottawa, Ontario, June 3, 2014 Solace Systems announced today two new message routers and a major new version of its operating system, SolOS 7.0, that together meet the diverse data movement demands of today’s enterprise applications and emerging big data systems, cloud computing architectures and internet of things initiatives.

Each of these systems needs an efficient way to move large amounts of information over different kinds of networks with unique requirements in terms of latency, throughput, guaranteed delivery, fault tolerance and more. Solace’s hardware-based platform lets companies replace a wide range of discrete data movement technologies (such as messaging middleware, open source, web streaming, transaction management, WAN optimization, etc.) with a powerful application-aware network. Application aware-networks make it easier and less expensive to move data between applications while offering greater capacity, performance and robustness than other solutions.… Read the rest

Guaranteed Messaging Performance

This video featuring Solace product expert Mark Spielman demonstrates the high throughput and low latency of Solace message routers performing guaranteed messaging.

(Can’t watch YouTube?)… Read the rest