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The Ottawa Skyline Gets a Fresh New Look

By now, most people familiar with Solace will have seen our new branding and logo, which we unveiled in October. We launched a new website that day, updated our collateral and sales presentations, email footers and other digital remnants. A fresh new look to better represent the growing demand for our company’s products and services in the emerging world of business technology – which itself looks very different than it did just a few years ago.

While we refreshed our brand online overnight, it took some time to build and install a new logo on our headquarters building in Ottawa, Canada. This past weekend everything was finally ready, and a couple of our team members spent their Saturday documenting the transition for posterity.  Check it out, it’s extremely cool. (-18C to be precise!)

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GOES-R Launch Today – Calling all Space Nerds and Weather Channel Junkies!

Sometimes when I come home, I find my wife watching the weather channel. “We live in California.” I point out, “The weather is the same every day. Why are you watching the weather channel?” Of course I am (mostly) kidding. For centuries the weather has been a central connection to the planet and a daily experience we share with each other. A moment-by-moment reminder that we live as part of a complex ecosystem that is at times the source of great pleasure and at other times of great destruction.

Meanwhile, I am a bit of a geek about space. Early in my career, I heard Gene Kranz tell the story of the ground team in Houston bringing Apollo 13 back to earth using slide rules and impromptu calculations done in real time on paper. With pencils. Amazing. I’m equally inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic as they bring space within reach, probably within our lifetime.… Read the rest

Globally Syncing the Popular Hazelcast IMDG

This morning we announced a joint solution with Hazelcast, providers of the leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG). IMDGs are an essential element of next-generation application architecture, and over 3, 000 companies — including several dozen Solace customers — use Hazelcast to keep data current across geographies.

hazelcast-solace-diagramThe new joint solution enables the replication of Hazelcast clusters across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. That means as data changes in one Hazelcast node, Solace automatically disseminates that update to other nodes using compression, TCP optimization and route optimization for high throughput and low latency over the WAN. The solution is ideal for companies who need real-time data to be current across diverse geographical areas as data values change, such as financial institutions who need to sync real-time risk data across global financial centers and mobile carriers who want to give customers fast access to customer and operational data culled from distributed datacenters.… Read the rest

Party on Wayne! Party on Solace!

Solace has been on a roll lately, with accelerating growth and a solidly profitable business. Yesterday we made ten product and strategic announcements as part of an initiative called Open Data Movement that lets us address many more business problems, more fully. At the same time, we unveiled a new look, logo and website. Three things to celebrate? Sounds like we need to have a party!

Last night, we rented the ultra-hip Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos California and invited many of our local customers, partners, investors and friends of the company to join us to mark our transition from plucky startup to established leader in our space.… Read the rest

A Summary of Today’s Solace Announcements

Today is a very exciting day for Solace. We’ve been working on a sweeping set of changes that bring to fruition a vision we’ve had for a while now, and we’re excited to share the big news. This page serves as a summary of all the news we introduced today, so let’s get right to it.

Open Data Movement

open-data-moevementAll of these changes reflect and support a new idea we’re calling “Open Data Movement.” Open Data Movement is about giving you freedom and flexibility in the data movement layer of your application infrastructure. It’s all about avoiding vendor, cloud and product lock-in, and it’s what sets us apart from the message brokers and streaming servers you use today. Our technology supports all the popular open protocols, open APIs, delivers every type of message, offers every quality of service, and runs natively in all the popular public and private clouds. We’re the first to solve all these problems in one backbone, which eliminates the hassles that make most distributed systems fragile.… Read the rest

Introducing Open Data Movement

Today Solace introduced something we’re calling Open Data Movement. I’m going to do just two things here: define Open Data Movement, and give an example in pictures.

Breaking Down the Term

Each of the words are important and we’ve chosen them carefully.


We see this as meaning free from proprietary lock in. Solace’s approach to real-time data movement favors:

  • Open protocols – the defined and de facto standards that have emerged for posting, messaging and streaming, including REST, JMS, MQTT, AMQP 1.0 and WebSockets.
  • Open APIs – where possible, we encourage use of open standard APIs like JMS, Paho or Qpid giving developers and enterprises maximum choice.
  • Open to all the popular cloud environments – Solace works the same in private or public IaaS and PaaS platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMWare, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and more.
  • Delivering all the message patterns and classes of service – best effort, guaranteed or transactions for request-reply, publish-subscribe, fanin/fanout, and more
  • Openly integrated with popular DevOps tools – Modern products need to be fully integrated from getting started with shared sample code in GitHub, all the way to automating the test, stage and deployment process in tools like Puppet or Bosh (and everything in between).

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Announcing the New Solace!

In addition to the exciting product news we announced today, we’ve also announced an update to our brand identity.

New Name

When he founded Solace, our CEO Craig Betts modeled our full name after Cisco Systems, which was famous for tackling a one-time software problem (IP routing) in hardware. And the name Solace Systems served us well as we established ourselves, because it underscored an important early differentiator – our hardware approach. But times have changed, and today we provide the world’s best data movement technology, which you can deploy as software, hardware in the cloud or a combination of all three.  To better reflect that flexible approach we’ve dropped the “Systems” from our company name. I think our new more succinct name lets the word Solace shine, emphasizing the fact that we bring “solace” (i.e. comfort, consolation, or relief) to architects, application developers and operations folks who are tired of the hassles associated with traditional messaging, streaming and WAN optimization products.… Read the rest

Solace wins 2016 CIO/IT Innovation Award from Ventana Research

Today technology analyst and research firm Ventana Research announced the winners of their 2016 Technology Innovation Awards. We were delighted to learn that they selected Solace for the 2016 Ventana Research CIO/IT Innovation Award. From their announcement:

The awards recognize pioneering vendors that contribute advancements in technology that drive change and increased value for organizations worldwide.

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FPGAs and Cyclical Fashion Trends

I saw a headline in the Wall Street Journal speculating that the several year trend towards men wearing beards was coming to an end.  Like all shifts in fashion, nobody can say for sure what causes a trend to turn, but I hypothesize it might have been this photo.

In the world of computing, the rise of the cloud has left little oxygen in the press for anything other than the storyline that Amazon, Microsoft and Google (the tech fashionistas) have decided cheap servers running Linux are the answer to every computing problem. When one unit of compute isn’t enough, you write your software to split the workload two ways, or four, or eight, or a thousand. If you find that hard, too bad, hire smarter people like Google and Amazon.

Horizontal scale on cheap CPUs became a religion, and anything that didn’t look like AWS EC2 was like telling the girlfriend who bought you a flannel shirt for your birthday, “sorry, I don’t want to grow a beard”.… Read the rest

SAP’s Message to Developers: Shake Things Up

During the keynote at this year’s SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, Björn Goerke, EVP of SAP Products and Innovation arrived on stage through a puff of smoke in the iconic DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies. The premise was that on his way to 2026 he had accidentally landed in 2016 and needed to generate enough energy to jump forward 10 years.

He proceeded to show a wide range of new SAP HANA cloud and development technologies as part of a scenario revolving around accessing Nevada’s unused Solar Power. He used SAP HANA and HANA Vora to pull together access to 1.19 gigawatts of energy – but as any back to the future geek knows you need 1.21 gigawatts to travel through time.… Read the rest