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PM Trudeau Launches Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge

Today at the Canadian Federation of Municipalities conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau soft-launched the much anticipated Smart City Challenge, an idea that has been circulating since the fall, with today’s announcement laying out the details of the prize structure.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a Canada-wide initiative for communities to get together and generate ideas for how their city can better live, work and play. Communities of all sizes will compete to win government grants to implement the very best of the ideas. The prize pool was announced today and is tiered with prizes for large, mid-sized and small communities as well an additional prize for the most innovative Indigenous community.

As a proudly Canadian company, we’re pleased to see Canada proactively making these investments and taking a leadership role on the world stage. For the past several years, Solace has worked with countries around the world on deploying technology that improves information flow and implements new services for citizens in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore. … Read the rest

Emphasis on SAP Leonardo at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

This week at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando the focus was on SAP Leonardo, an “innovation services platform” that offers advanced services in the areas of IoT, machine learning, big data analytics and blockchain. It’s an ambitious project that builds on SAP Cloud by adding business services designed to help companies embrace IoT at scale and modernize their traditional workloads while transitioning to the cloud.

In addition, SAP has started layering vertical projects on top of Leonardo, such as SAP Connected Goods for retailers and SAP Vehicle Insights for firms managing fleets of connected “planes, trains and automobiles.” It’s all a logical path forward for a company with such deep industry expertise and customer relationships.

These applications are all layered above a set of core PaaS services within the SAP Cloud Platform, including SAP Enterprise Messaging. As we have previously announced, Solace is the messaging foundation of that service, at the core of all these high-volume real time data streams.… Read the rest

Solace Says: CTO Shawn McAllister on Hybrid Cloud Data Movement

In this edition of Solace Says, I interviewed Solace’s CTO Shawn McAllister to get his thoughts on hybrid cloud data movement. Here’s the 6-minute video, with the full transcript below. It’s a good introduction to the topic, and if you want to dive deeper after watching the video I recommend you read the substantial blog post Shawn wrote on the subject, and watch the video that explains the concept visually. You can find both on our hybrid cloud data movement page.

Solace Takes Home a TiE50 Award at TiEcon 2017

Late Friday we learned that Solace has been selected as a winner of a TiE50 2017 award, an annual list celebrating the 50 most innovative startups.

TiE is celebrating its 25th year as a leading not-for-profit entrepreneurial organization with a rich history of helping innovative companies grow. TiEcon is among the largest annual entrepreneurial events, listed by Worth magazine one of the top 10 worldwide conferences along with TED, Demo, and Davos.

This year’s winners were selected from among more than 2,000 applicants, and we were among 100 finalists who had 6 minutes on stage to dazzle a panel of judges including investors, entrepreneurs and industry gurus.

Being a TiE50 winner is a great honor and we are very grateful to the TiE judges for their support in our vision.… Read the rest

Infographic: Meeting the Diverse Data Movement Needs of the IoT

The Internet of Things is finally happening at mass scale as the cost of the sensors, networks and computing power has made the economics work. There are many articles on the web that focus on the sensors, the processes and the opportunity for analytics to drive new efficiencies using IoT, but not much has been written about the many protocols you can use to get data flowing between them.

Solace’s Young Kwon has written a pair of articles that focus on how real-time data moves from place to place within IoT architectures: the introducctory “Why IoT Needs Messaging” and Understanding IoT Protocols – Matching your Requirements to the Right Option.

The second post, which is introduced and summarized by this infographic, explains the four different ways data moves around the Internet of Things (device to device, device to gateway, gateway to data system and between data systems), and breaks down how well some of the most popular data movement protocols apply to each kind of interaction.… Read the rest

Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Business Metaphors

I had the following conversation yesterday with Ines in our Zurich office.

Ines: “Hey Larry, guess what? Our whole Zurich team is gathered around the windows of the office watching Andy Murray and Roger Federer play a tennis match on the river.”

Me: “Uh, what? How does one play tennis on a river?”

Ines: “Let me send you a photo. It is an annual event for Roger’s charitable foundation called ‘Match for Africa’. This year they are playing while floating down the river Limmat on a barge.”

And this is where the conversation went sideways…

Me: “That’s cool, we should blog about it.”

Ines: “What is the business angle for a blog post?”

Me: “Well, there’s a risk management angle, surely the players will constantly be analyzing whether or not to go after some otherwise routine plays based on whether they will end up in the river? Our clients are forced to make these same split-second decisions all the time.… Read the rest

The Ottawa Skyline Gets a Fresh New Look

By now, most people familiar with Solace will have seen our new branding and logo, which we unveiled in October. We launched a new website that day, updated our collateral and sales presentations, email footers and other digital remnants. A fresh new look to better represent the growing demand for our company’s products and services in the emerging world of business technology – which itself looks very different than it did just a few years ago.

While we refreshed our brand online overnight, it took some time to build and install a new logo on our headquarters building in Ottawa, Canada. This past weekend everything was finally ready, and a couple of our team members spent their Saturday documenting the transition for posterity.  Check it out, it’s extremely cool. (-18C to be precise!)

Read the rest

GOES-R Launch Today – Calling all Space Nerds and Weather Channel Junkies!

Sometimes when I come home, I find my wife watching the weather channel. “We live in California.” I point out, “The weather is the same every day. Why are you watching the weather channel?” Of course I am (mostly) kidding. For centuries the weather has been a central connection to the planet and a daily experience we share with each other. A moment-by-moment reminder that we live as part of a complex ecosystem that is at times the source of great pleasure and at other times of great destruction.

Meanwhile, I am a bit of a geek about space. Early in my career, I heard Gene Kranz tell the story of the ground team in Houston bringing Apollo 13 back to earth using slide rules and impromptu calculations done in real time on paper. With pencils. Amazing. I’m equally inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic as they bring space within reach, probably within our lifetime.… Read the rest

Globally Syncing the Popular Hazelcast IMDG

This morning we announced a joint solution with Hazelcast, providers of the leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG). IMDGs are an essential element of next-generation application architecture, and over 3, 000 companies — including several dozen Solace customers — use Hazelcast to keep data current across geographies.

hazelcast-solace-diagramThe new joint solution enables the replication of Hazelcast clusters across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. That means as data changes in one Hazelcast node, Solace automatically disseminates that update to other nodes using compression, TCP optimization and route optimization for high throughput and low latency over the WAN. The solution is ideal for companies who need real-time data to be current across diverse geographical areas as data values change, such as financial institutions who need to sync real-time risk data across global financial centers and mobile carriers who want to give customers fast access to customer and operational data culled from distributed datacenters.… Read the rest

Party on Wayne! Party on Solace!

Solace has been on a roll lately, with accelerating growth and a solidly profitable business. Yesterday we made ten product and strategic announcements as part of an initiative called Open Data Movement that lets us address many more business problems, more fully. At the same time, we unveiled a new look, logo and website. Three things to celebrate? Sounds like we need to have a party!

Last night, we rented the ultra-hip Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos California and invited many of our local customers, partners, investors and friends of the company to join us to mark our transition from plucky startup to established leader in our space.… Read the rest