A new year is upon us with new opportunities to build more amazing features for our PubSub+ customers. Last month I introduced you to four new features in the December Feature Highlight and now I’d like to show off the first training set for 2022.

Visit Solace Academy to get access to our January 2022 Monthly Feature Highlight Training and read on for a little taste of what you will find there:

OAuth for SMF Clients

In version 9.2 of PubSub+ Event Broker we introduced OAuth 2.0 support to allow client applications to authorize when connecting. At the time, the MQTT protocol was the only protocol that supported OAuth.

With Solace PubSub+ v9.12.1 we are introducing support to allow our customers to use OAuth 2.0 for authorizing its client applications using the SMF protocol. That means if your client applications are currently connecting to a Solace broker over TCP, web sockets, or HTTP using the SMF protocol, an update to 9.12.1 will allow you to use OAuth 2.0 for those applications.

With OAuth 2.0 being the gold standard for managing authentication and authorization from a single authority, the ability to have your clients authorize with it on almost all protocols gets you and your organization one step closer to full integration with Solace.

TypeScript Definitions for the Solace JavaScript API

At Solace we strive to make the lives of developers easier; in doing so, we have built multiple APIs in many different languages to make connecting to Solace PubSub+ Event Broker a breeze.

With JavaScript being one of the top programming languages in the world, we’re constantly working to make sure the Solace JavaScript API is the best it can be. Introducing TypeScript definition files is another big step in keeping the API of the highest quality. For those who don’t know, TypeScript is a strongly typed superset of JavaScript. What this means is that TypeScript is built on top of JavaScript and compiles down to JavaScript for execution. It brings a lot of benefits to JavaScript, including support for classes, object inheritance, and static type checking when compiling.

TypeScript definitions provide many benefits for developers when building applications that connect to Solace. I invite you to start our January training to learn more about how it can help you.

Client Certificate Authentication for the Protocol of Your Choice

Client certificate authentication in PubSub+ Cloud used to be an all or nothing feature. If you enabled client certificate authentication for the service, it worked for all protocols. Starting with event broker version 9.10 in PubSub+ Cloud, client certificate authentication can now be enabled on a per protocol basis. This is important if you have situations where more secure clients connecting via MQTT to publish may require something like client certificate authentication, while less secure consumers connecting via web transport may not have a need for that. 


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Rey Riel
Rey Riel

As the Customer Training Manager at Solace, Rey is responsible for the Solace Academy product training for clients and partners. With over a decade of experience as both a software developer and developer advocate, Rey knows exactly what it takes to educate clients, users, and developers on how to use Solace products to succeed. In addition to creating courses at Solace, Rey is also an organizer of Ottawa Javascript, Random Hacks of Kindness and the ForwardJS conference.

He has a degree in Computer Science from Heritage College and spends his spare time gaming with his wife and kids, coding and watching movies and TV shows.