This monthly feature highlight is coming off the heels of the Solace PubSub+ 10.0.1 release, which included a few new features that you don’t need to configure as well as new compatibility and security features for our system logs (syslogs).

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Syslogs: Outputting in JSON, Forwarding with TLS

Syslogs are an important part of troubleshooting when things are not quite working right in your event driven architecture. Your event and system logs can be key to understanding what is happening inside your brokers, but often logs are difficult to read or consume. Also, having different broker logs on different systems can severely increase the time to resolving any concerns.

Solace PubSub+ 10.0.1 helps to make interactions with syslogs easier by enabling JSON support and although forwarding syslogs to an external system has been a feature for some time now, the new version of PubSub+ brings with it the ability to forward these logs over TLS for a more secure setup.

In this training you will learn what syslog is, why JSON may be a better format for your systems, and how to enable the JSON format for your event and system syslogs. You will also learn why you may need to forward syslogs, why you should use TLS to forward syslogs, and how to set up a syslog destination using TLS.

Rey Riel
Rey Riel

As the Customer Training Manager at Solace, Rey is responsible for the Solace Academy product training for clients and partners. With over a decade of experience as both a software developer and developer advocate, Rey knows exactly what it takes to educate clients, users, and developers on how to use Solace products to succeed. In addition to creating courses at Solace, Rey is also an organizer of Ottawa Javascript, Random Hacks of Kindness and the ForwardJS conference.

He has a degree in Computer Science from Heritage College and spends his spare time gaming with his wife and kids, coding and watching movies and TV shows.