PubSub+ helps enterprises design, deploy and manage event-driven architectures across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and IoT environments, so they can be more integrated and event-driven.

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The complete event management platform.

PubSub+ Platform | A complete event streaming and management platform

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PubSub+ Insights
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PubSub+ Mission Control delivers enterprise-grade event streaming within and across public clouds, virtual private clouds, and on-premises, using PubSub+ event brokers to build an event mesh.​
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Event Brokers​

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PubSub+ Insights delivers centralized, out-of-the-box, proactive monitoring for PubSub+ Mission Control services to monitor the health and optimize the performance of the event-driven system.​

PubSub+ Event Portal gives developers and architects tools to design, describe and discover events within their system, and to see the relationships between applications and events, making event-driven applications and microservices easier to design, deploy and evolve.

PubSub+ Event Streaming APIs and Integrations provide a variety of on-ramps and off-ramps to the mesh, including support for open standard protocols and APIs (MQTT, AMQP, JMS, REST) as well as proprietary messaging APIs to connect legacy and modern applications, edge streaming technologies (StreamSets, Striim, Adaptris) to integrate 3rd party applications, and connectors for iPaaSs like SAP and Dell Boomi, and technologies like Kafka.

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PubSub+ Platform enables messaging architectures that deliver consistent multi-protocol client authentication and authorization security across the enterprise, deeply integrated with enterprise authentication services using a minimal set of components.
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A cloud-based console that enables architects, developers and other users to access the PubSub+ Platform to work, collaborate, and drive the enterprise’s EDA mission forward.​

  • Deploy and link brokers to form a global, dynamically routed event mesh​
  • Define, manage and govern events
  • Monitor event mesh performance​

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Forward-looking organizations want to improve the agility and performance of their IT and IoT systems by connecting applications, cloud services and devices in an event-driven manner—instead of relying exclusively on request/reply interactions.

To do so at enterprise-scale, they’ll need the kind of expertise, frameworks and tools that exist in the area of RESTful APIs, so we’re glad to see Solace commit to advancing the state of the art in this area.”

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Holger Mueller

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

In a recent product update, Chief Technology & Product Officer Shawn McAllister and an array of product experts demonstrated exciting new advances that make it easier for you to deploy, integrate and manage PubSub+ Platform.

Solace Product Update - June 2022

The PubSub+ Event Broker family

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

A managed service that taps the power of PubSub+ in minutes, leaving the operation of your messaging infrastructure to us.
Free trial available.

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Event Broker: Software


Event Broker: Software is easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers, and iPaaS/PaaS environments. And there’s a free production-ready edition.

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Free Production-Ready Software



Extreme performance and capacity in a compact form factor with the operations and low TCO of a turnkey appliance.

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While most organizations have basic event processing infrastructure – such as notification services, message buses, and event brokers – many don’t have the high-level productivity tooling that helps developers design, develop, test and manage event-centric applications. Nor do they have tools for governing, publishing and managing event-based interfaces.”

"Gartner “Top 3 Trends in Application Architecture That Enable Digital Business”,
Anne Thomas, Yefim Natis, Mark O’Neill,
28 Oct 2019​
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