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Exchange Patterns Qualities Of Service

Message and StreamGet Your Data to All the
Right Places, Right Now

Accelerate your business operations and improve situational awareness by streaming real-time data across your organization with the fastest, most feature-rich event broker around. Take advantage of diverse exchange patterns and qualities of service, and use sophisticated topics to make sure information goes exactly and only where it’s needed.

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Scale and FederateSpan Clouds, Datacenters,
and the Internet of Things

When it’s time to get systems working together across hybrid and multi cloud environments that span on-prem systems and the internet of things, build an event mesh that dynamically routes information via the fastest possible path across any distance, no matter what.

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APIs and connectors diagram - Solace

Connect and IntegrateLet your Systems Interact in Real-Time

Integrate all your apps, devices and even other integration tools with native support for open APIs and protocols, client libraries for all popular programming languages, and packaged connectors for applications, cloud services and integration tools.

Access and GovernMake the Most of your Event-Driven Assets

Empower your developers with easy access to event streams from across your enterprise, the ability to configure their applications to publish and subscribe to events in a self-service manner, and even push those configurations to relevant brokers, either manually or with a CICD pipeline.

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PubSub+ Insights - Take Control of Your Event-Driven System

Operate and ObserveTake Control of Your Event-Driven System

Ensure the availability and responsiveness of all your applications and integrations with a comprehensive set of monitoring and management tools:

  • PubSub+ Mission Control: Easily create, deploy, upgrade and manage your event brokers and event mesh.
  • PubSub+ Insights: Get the visibility you need to monitor event brokers, including metrics and alerts for each event broker.
  • PubSub+ Distributed Tracing: Track and trace events in real-time with granular, real-time data about the status and delivery of messages and events.

See PubSub+ Platform in Action

See PubSub+ Platform in Action

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