Smooth DevOps Integration

The DevOps movement is revolutionizing how we build software, and cloud apps are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries. At each step of the process, innovative tools are streamlining the process of developing and deploying new applications. At Solace, we’ve been hard at work integrating our VMR and APIs with the most popular tools in the DevOps pipeline.

Let’s take a quick look at a typical DevOps pipeline for an application using Solace, and consider how the new tools and announcements from Solace can make it work better.… Read the rest

Welcome to Solace Labs

Every great “game-changing” scientist needs a lab, right? (remember, madness is in the eye of the beholder…) Well in an attempt to help the big brains who are working to find and refine solutions to data movement challenges, we’ve just introduced Solace Labs.

In today’s technology landscape innovation is fueled by openness – transparent and free-flowing interactions between modern applications, clouds and legacy systems. Such openness can come in the form of APIs, standards and open source, and Solace Labs is set to support all three.

Our goal is to provide open tools and examples that enable flexible, robust and innovative open data movement across existing and emerging technologies alike.  Toward that end Solace Labs will promote and facilitate the use of open standards and APIs for the advancement of data movement solutions in areas such as cloud, IoT and big data. Solace Labs will work in conjunction with our new Solace Samples Github repo as well, for even more code access.… Read the rest

Open Sourcing Solace Tutorials via GitHub

Today we’re announcing several exciting changes that make it easier for developers to get up and running with Solace messaging as they strive to achieve open data movement across applications, environments and protocols. Among these developments, we’re moving all of our Getting Started tutorials (and associated code) to GitHub, and open sourcing them so developers can customize, repurpose and improve them.

Moving to GitHub

Going forward all of our Getting Started developer tutorials will live in a new GitHub organization called Solace Samples. Each API and developer environment will have its own GitHub repository that includes a set of step-by-step tutorials with sample code to get developers going in whatever environment they’re working in, such as Java, JMS or Cloud Foundry. Those tutorials will also be accessible through, home to all kinds of resources including documentation, downloads and demos.

In each case, the projects make it easy to build the individual tutorials.… Read the rest

Solace and DataTorrent Partner to Enable Real-Time Ingestion and Analysis of Streaming Big Data

The Combination of Solace Messaging Technology and DataTorrent RTS Provides Complete Real-Time Analytics Solution

OTTAWA, Ont., and SANTA CLARA, Calif., December 14, 2015 – Solace Systems, a leading provider of data movement technology, today announced a strategic alliance with DataTorrent, a leader in real-time big data analytics and creator of DataTorrent RTS, the world’s first open-source, enterprise-grade unified platform for both stream and batch processing on Hadoop.

With the introduction of Hadoop 2.0, an increasing number of companies are looking to move from batch-based to real-time analytics, and investing in new technologies that support the collection, filtration and analysis of real-time information.

Solace’s world-class messaging hardware and software enables streaming of very large volumes of information from diverse sources into DataTorrent RTS, giving companies the power to take action in real time and drive greater business value from their data. Solace and DataTorrent both offer elastic capacity to keep up with rising data volumes, and DataTorrent is one of the few applications that can scale to capture as much data as Solace can deliver.

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Solace as a Channel for Apache Flume

As per the “Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data. It has a simple and flexible architecture based on streaming data flows. It is robust and fault tolerant with tunable reliability mechanisms and many failover and recovery mechanisms. It uses a simple extensible data model that allows for online analytic application.”

So why would you need anything other than the already available components of Flume to transfer data into your Big Data infrastructure?  Why not just use existing Flume Source and Flume Sinks to connect Flume to your enterprise messaging solutions?

Well the next picture starts to show the problem.  To scale Flume you need to stitch together several Flume Agents in varying hierarchical ways with point-to-point TCP links.  If your data has high value, next you will need to add fault-tolerance and high availability meaning you will need to add disk access and redundancy at each level. … Read the rest

Getting the Most from Open Source, Open Standards and Solace

linux and openmamaWith Solace technology being used more and more alongside open source products, and with open standard protocols, we’ve been hard at work expanding our interoperability with complementary technologies to give our customers maximum choice and help them avoid vendor lock-in.

Earlier this year, we announced support for MQTT, an OASIS standard protocol within the Internet of Things, and support for REST as a first class messaging protocol. We’ve also worked with clients to connect Solace with Flume, Spark and Storm as means of  gathering data across the enterprise and making big data more real time.

This week, we were part of two more announcements that highlighting this effort:

  • On Tuesday the Linux Foundation announced their newest members, including Solace, CloudLinux and MariaDB. The Linux Foundation is at the heart of much of the open source movement, and we look forward to participating in the growth and adoption of these technologies.
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Deconstructing Kafka

iStock_000020380404XSmall-300x199A colleague of mine asked me to “compare and contrast” Solace with Kafka. Apache Kafka is an open source distributed messaging system, written by LinkedIn specifically for activity stream and log processing. As a detail oriented techie, I hate it when someone asks me a one sentence question that requires a two page answer. Sometimes I wish I could feel good about myself while spouting weasel words like “robust”, “scalable”, and “carrier class” to explain why my employer’s products are different. I am just not that guy. Instead, I got out my green highlighter and my reading glasses and spent the afternoon dissecting the excellent whitepaper written by Kreps, Narkhede, and Rao.

First it’s important to introduce what constitutes large scale in the log processing space and why there is a need for solutions like Kafka. These are some log processing metrics quoted in the paper.… Read the rest