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Inside Singapore’s Smart City Revolution

As a resident of the “Little Red Dot” city/state of Singapore I’ve grown accustomed to seeing innovation reshape infrastructure at a very fast pace. With a prime minister who can code a Sudoku solver in C, it’s not surprising that Singapore is at the leading edge of the Smart City / Smart Nation movement. As a programmer myself, it’s fascinating to see firsthand how this focus on connectivity, information and automation is improving the way we live our lives, and to imagine the endless possibilities.

singapore-oneservice-previewFor example, a few weeks ago I noticed a new app called OneService from the Municipal Services Office for reporting all sorts of problems – plumbing, potholes, electricity, littering, pets, etc. Such “Fix my Whatever” applications don’t just make it easy to notify the authorities of issues, they enable digitized reporting so agencies can effectively track their own responses and escalate situations as necessary.… Read the rest

How Rich Internet and Smartphone Apps are Driving a Return to Client-Server Architecture

Solace recently announced a new network card that can boost the capacity of each Solace’s appliance to 80Gbps of bandwidth. As more companies embrace real-time computing and “big data” fueled by information flowing between mobile devices, sensors and social networks, this kind of capacity will enable some seriously cool innovation. But I believe there’s even more to it than that – I think this kind of massive capacity will influence the very nature of enterprise applications.

Think about the fact that smartphones didn’t exist just ten years ago. Think about the server-side ramifications of all that recent change, and where we are today. Having a hardware-based HTTP termination point, WebSocket wireline support, higher connection density and using messaging as a communication paradigm even over HTTP is allowing front end applications to become much more scalable, faster, and most importantly easier and more intuitive.

Lets examine this from an application developer’s perspective to see if we can extrapolate what’s next.… Read the rest

Messaging 101

What is messaging? Instant messaging like MSN/IRC/Yahoo? SMS stuff?  Email? Morse code? Even techies have different understandings of messaging depending on context, so I wasn’t too surprised when my banker father fired me those questions at me when I told him that Solace makes messaging appliances.

I believe most readers of this blog already know something about the type of messaging that Solace delivers, but for the sake of our guests who are new to it, here is another perspective to understand what we mean by messaging.Computer Systems from a layman’s perspective have 3 logical components:  Processing, Data Storage and Transport.

  • Processing: The performance of mathematical and logical computations, e.g. calculating the area of a circle or executing an algo to compare patterns and decide whether to buy or sell a stock. Without getting into the deep systems architecture detail, this is typically handled by the CPU in a computer or server.

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