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How a CPG Giant Gained Real-Time Visibility into Shipping

Together with Solace, this multinational CPG and world's largest producer of soap has developed a Virtual Ocean Control Tower to provide real-time visibility of each step in their sea freight logistics and supply chain process, so that they can plan better, respond quicker and, importantly, predict and proactively deal with issues.

Prior to the VOCT deployment, goods in containers were being delayed at customs at port due to lack of supply chain visibility. This was leading to high detention and demurrage costs. 

Relying on Solace technology as its digital backbone for real-time data movement, this company deployed a global event mesh to support their Virtual Ocean Control Tower project, enabling real-time data movement to track and trace 2,000 vessels from 100 different carriers, operating 800 global container ports and 1,700 terminals. ​This has helped optimize vessel speed, navigation, arrival and departure times for maximum efficiency and safety​, in addition to saving millions of dollars annually in detention and demurrage charges.