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How Event-Driven Architecture Accelerates Supermarket e-Commerce Modernization

As the demand for personalized, real-time engagement grows, here's how supermarkets are building more seamless experiences between digital and in-store channels.

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As the demand for personalized, real-time engagement grows, the lack of integration between e-commerce, inventory, pricing, order management, service and marketing systems directly impacts the customer experience. 

To solve these challenges and focus on building more seamless experiences between digital and in-store channels, supermarkets are moving their digital transformation focus from the front-end to the back-end operations. They’re adopting a real-time digital foundation that provides a singly view of information (from supply chain to customer-facing) to connect consumers, store associates, product and inventory information and stores, to each other. 

Read the white paper below to find out why winning supermarkets are choosing event-driven architecture to unify their physical and digital operations.