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Solace PubSub+ Event Broker was built with modern enterprise architecture practices and requirements in mind

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Enterprise-grade performance & robustness

  • 5X the performance of EMS on the same underlying hardware
  • 60K persistent messages/sec and 1M non-persistent messages/sec on 4 cores
  • Built-in high-availability and disaster recovery
  • In-service upgrades
  • Fine-grained access controls

Designed for hybrid-cloud & multi-cloud

  • PubSub+ event brokers can be deployed in all your favourite public clouds and Kubernetes environments, in addition to your data center
  • Brokers in different environments can be easily connected to form a hybrid and multi-cloud event mesh that dynamically routes events across your distributed enterprise (from publication to destination) with WAN optimization and edge security

Rich application integration

  • Native support for open standard protocols and APIs like JMS, AMQP, HTTP/REST, MQTT, WebSocket
  • Client libraries in all the languages you need – Java, Go, .C#/.Net, Python, C, Node.js, Javascript
  • Connectors for cloud services, streaming technologies like Apache Kafka, and integration technologies like Boomi Atmosphere and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform; files, databases, analytics – you name it!
Distributed Tracing

Ease of

  • PubSub+ native support for JMS (including many TIBCO proprietary features such as EXPLICIT ACK) means no code changes are required to migrate your apps
  • Solace’s TIBCO EMS migration process and expertise (including configuration) results in an efficient, no surprises migration

Three Deployment Options

Event Broker: Cloud


Available ‘as a service’ so you can spin up broker services in the cloud in just minutes.

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Event Broker: Software


Easy to deploy in your favorite clouds, containers and iPaaS/PaaS environments.

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Event Broker: Hardware


A turnkey appliance that provides extreme capacity and performance with easy operation and low TCO.

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Comparing Solace vs. TIBCO

Solace PubSub+ Event BrokerTIBCO EMS
Throughput (persistent)Software: 55K msgs/sec
Appliance: 5.5M msgs/sec
Software: 3K-5K msgs/sec
(Appliance discontinued)
Throughout (direct)Software: 1.8M msgs/sec
Appliance: 29M msgs/sec
Software: 30K msgs/sec
Disaster Recovery time<20 secondsMinutes to hours

Solace PubSub+ Event BrokerTIBCO EMS
Publish / Subscribecheckcheck
Non-Persistant / Best-Effortcheckcheck
Persistent / Guaranteedcheckcheck
XA Transactionscheckcheck

Solace PubSub+ Event BrokerTIBCO EMS
Run in CloudNativelyOnly in VM or Kubernetes
Robust Security (SSL; TLS)cjeckcjeck
End-to-End Observabilitycjeckex
Message Replaycjeckex
Low-code/No-code GUIcjeckex
Dynamic routing with WAN optimizationcjeckex
Active-active DRcjeckex
Fine-grained routing and filteringcjeckex
HA Fault Tolerance without any 3rd party dependenciescjeckex
DR setup without any 3rd party dependenciescjeckex
DR – Topic level sync or async replication (rather than all or nothing spool level)cjeckex
Fully Managed SaaScjeckex

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