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The Challenges of Scaling an iPaaS: Why You Shouldn’t Rely Only On REST

Many enterprises find their initial foray into the world of iPaaS simple and straightforward, either because they start with greenfield initiatives or because their early projects involve relatively small numbers of endpoints, environments, or both.

Such projects can be met with a fairly simple approach, as seen here:

Scaling an iPaaS

In such a system you deploy an API gateway, ESB or iPaaS and use adapters to connect or proxy services from various systems – file or database adapters, cloud or SaaS adapters, etc.

With connectivity established, the ESB or iPaaS handles the transformation of messages and orchestration of interactions (typically with REST as developers know it so well).

This simple, point-to-point, tightly-coupled RESTful architecture can work at small scale, but it doesn’t scale well and it doesn’t offer the kind of agility, robustness and response time that enterprises and users require and expect today. As more systems get added, point-to-point integration gets exponentially more complex.… Read the rest

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an iPaaS Solution

The need to easily integrate and orchestrate increasingly diverse IoT devices, mobile devices and cloud-based applications and microservices is driving the adoption of cloud-native iPaaS (integration platform as a service) offerings at a breakneck pace.

The market is rife with iPaaS offerings such as Dell Boomi, IBM App Connect, Informatica Cloud, Mulesoft Anypoint Platform and SnapLogic. Your favorite industry analysts are defining, labeling, and segmenting the iPaaS market into a variety of categories, including domain-specific iPaaS, enterprise iPaaS, strategic iPaaS, advanced event brokers, and hybrid integration platforms.

It’s a lot to take in, so we wanted to summarize three things you need to consider when choosing an iPaaS solution based on conversations we’ve been having with our customers and partners. Understanding these key considerations will make it easier to figure out how to best incorporate iPaaS into your enterprise.

The three things to consider when choosing an iPaaS Solution:

1. iPaaS has three main tenets

While iPaaS is generally a nascent technology, it represents the union of long-established integration practices and the proven principles of other “as a service” disciplines such as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.… Read the rest

Solace Simplifies Integration of PubSub+ Event Broker with Kafka Streaming Platform

New Solace Kafka-compliant connectors extend Solace to Kafka clusters for IoT and hybrid cloud use cases

Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 16, 2018 – Solace announced today two new Kafka-compliant connectors that make it easy to get information and events flowing between Kafka clusters and a Solace federated event mesh: Solace Source Kafka Connector and Solace Sink Kafka Connector. Kafka excels at log data aggregation, and Solace PubSub+ complements Kafka by adding a dynamic event mesh that extends event distribution and routing throughout the entire enterprise, whether on-premise or in private and public clouds.

“Solace Kafka Source and Sink Connectors let developers integrate Kafka clusters at the edge of the Solace event mesh and take advantage of the low-touch intelligent routing, WAN optimization and multi-protocol support of Solace PubSub+,” said Denis King, Solace’s chief operating officer. “With Solace in the mix, you can easily connect your Kafka clusters to a global network of mutually-aware event brokers that dynamically route events to applications and IoT devices no matter where they’re deployed, what API they use or which broker they are connected to – via one Solace source connector.”

The Solace Source Kafka Connector uses the Kafka Connect API to consume Solace queue or topic events and stream them to a Kafka topic.… Read the rest