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Cobalt selects Solace for data delivery on FX post-trade processing network

FX industry experts leveraging blockchain-inspired distributed ledger technology to cut cost and risk for FX market participants

Ottawa, Ontario, October 19, 2017 – Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, announced today that Cobalt, which aims to reduce the cost, risk and complexity of FX post-trade processing, is using Solace to facilitate the event-driven flow of information.

“By harnessing the relevant elements of distributed ledger technology, our private network significantly reduces post-trade cost and risk for financial market participants,” said Cobalt CEO Andy Coyne, who has been at the forefront of FX technological innovation for over two decades. “FX is a high speed, high throughput market, and Solace plays a mission-critical role by guaranteeing the rapid, reliable delivery of massive amounts of information.”

Cobalt’s solution combines best-of-breed technologies to create a robust, cost-effective post trade processing service.  Solace enables the fast, efficient, guaranteed delivery of information, acting as a buffer for high rates of inbound messages.

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Solace Boosts Market-Leading Performance to Meet Needs of Most Demanding Hybrid Cloud and IoT Applications

New Products Enable Extreme Performance for Customers Requiring Very High Capacity and Hybrid Architecture that Spans Public and Private Clouds

Ottawa, Ontario, May 23, 2017 – Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, announced today a new version of its Virtual Message Router (VMR) software and two hardware blades for its market leading 3560 appliance. The new products increase the already best-in-class performance of Solace’s open data movement platform, which lets applications and devices exchange data across clouds and datacenters using open APIs and protocols including JMS, MQTT, AMQP, REST and WebSocket.

“To power next-generation big data, e-commerce and Internet of Things applications, companies are turning to distributed applications made up of cloud-based microservices, which makes the real-time movement of data across clouds mission-critical,” said Shawn McAllister, Solace CTO. “These enhancements to our open data movement platform meet the needs of our demanding customers whether they’re horizontally scaling VMR software in public clouds, vertically scaling appliances in private clouds and legacy datacenters, or taking a hybrid approach that we uniquely enable.”

Version 8.2 of the Virtual Message Router improves upon the VMR’s already industry-leading guaranteed messaging performance by increasing throughput to 640,000 guaranteed messages per second in fan-out scenarios and 80,000 guaranteed messages per second when routing messages on a 1:1 basis.

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Solace and Yenlo Partner to Enable Digital Transformation for Enterprises

Integration leader focused on modern development environments is working with data movement leader to help companies adopt more reliable, scalable and agile business systems

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada / Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, April 12, 2017 — Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, and Yenlo, an integration specialist focused on the implementation of modern open source technologies, announced today a partnership aimed at helping companies of all sizes embrace the digital transformation of their business processes.

Yenlo’s expertise working with popular modern technologies like WSO2, MongoDB, Hadoop and Apache Spark, and Java technology in general, complements Solace’s unique value proposition as the leader in open, scalable data movement technology. Embracing the use of these varied open source technologies with a flexible microservices-based architecture that spans clouds and datacenters makes integration and data movement between services a critical success factor for all enterprises. If data can’t flow, the business can’t function.

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Solace and FIX Flyer Offer Joint Solution that Improves Performance and Predictability of FIX Trading

Pairing of FIX Engine with Open Data Movement Enables Very High Throughput with Deterministic Latency

Ottawa, Ontario, March 15, 2017 – Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, and FIX Flyer, a leading provider of securities trading technology, announced today a joint solution that helps asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, and proprietary trading shops improve the performance and predictability of their FIX-enabled trading platforms. A leading regional broker in Latin America has been using the joint solution in production for a year, and several broker dealers are evaluating the solution.

“We’re proud to partner with FIX Flyer because their commitment to customers is unparalleled. Their founders have first-rate reputations in the financial services industry and have passed their passion for customer service on to a staff of tenured FIX experts,” said Denis King, SVP of Alliances and Global Operations at Solace. “They offer extremely fast time to market so customers are up and running right away, and local support around the world to ensure they stay that way.”

“The combination of our FIX engine and Solace’s fast and reliable messaging gives clients robust FIX connectivity with deterministic routing latency and high throughput, with a ‘zero garbage collection’ architecture that eliminates the risk of performance degradation over time,” said Randy Prager, CTO at FIX Flyer.

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Solace and Alpine Canada Announce New Multiyear Partnership

Funding of research and innovation projects will give team a technological edge on the slopes

Calgary, Alta. (Nov 8, 2016) –  Alpine Canada and Solace announced today a new multiyear marketing partnership, making Solace an official gold partner of Alpine Canada.

This new partnership represents a comprehensive relationship between Alpine Canada and Solace, a world leader in open data movement technology. Among other initiatives, Solace will support strategic research and innovation projects such as wind tunnel testing that will give Alpine Canada athletes and coaches data they can analyze and apply to Olympic, World Cup, World Championship and Paralympic performance racing.

“We are proud to partner with Solace, a distinguished global leader in technology,” said Mark Rubinstein, President & Chief Executive Officer of Alpine Canada.  “As a Canadian company and world leader, Solace is the gold standard in its space and a natural partner for Alpine Canada”.

“There are so many aspects of this partnership that line up with both our mission and values as a proudly Canadian company,” said Solace CEO Craig Betts.

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Oracle WebLogic Server Integration Guide Now Available

oracle_fusion_middleware_weblogic_serverOracle WebLogic Server is an application server for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications. It utilizes Java Message Service to let those applications send and receive information. WebLogic ships with a basic JMS provider and supports the use of third-party JMS providers.

Thanks to the standards-based nature of JMS you can easily upgrade the capacity, functionality and performance of your JMS-based distribution of data in WebLogic environments by replacing your current provider with Solace. This integration guide explains how to configure Solace as a JMS provider for WebLogic, and how to create and deploy both producer and consumer applications.

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Solace VMR Validated to Run on Mirantis OpenStack

Solace is proud to announce that Mirantis has validated that the Solace Virtual Message Router, which supports popular cloud technologies, works with Mirantis OpenStack.

Mirantis is a pure play OpenStack company, delivering all the software, services, training, and support needed for running OpenStack. Mirantis OpenStack software virtualizes private clouds to give development, QA, and build teams self-service access to the infrastructure resources they need. More customers rely on Mirantis than on any other company to deploy OpenStack at enterprise scale. Thanks to this certification those customers can easily enable real-time data flow across their Mirantis-based cloud infrastructure with the Solace VMR.

With robust support for leading virtualization products, cloud environments and related technologies, the Solace VMR routes real-time information between applications, cloud services and Internet of Things (IoT) devices across complex hybrid cloud environments. By offering a fully-integrated messaging platform that can be deployed in such diverse environments as hardware or software, Solace enables architectural flexibility and application portability so companies can adapt and scale their infrastructure as needs change and new technologies emerge.… Read the rest

OpenStack-optimized VMR Now Available

openstack-for-blogFollowing on our recent addition of support for AWS,  we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken another step that supports the migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud by making available an OpenStack-optimized version of our Virtual Message Router (VMR).

OpenStack-optimized VMR packages (available for download here) enable companies to quickly get the VMR up and running in their public or private OpenStack cloud. Detailed instructions on how to import the VMR to an OpenStack cloud can be found here.

OpenStack is the most common technology being used to build private cloud infrastructures, so an OpenStack-optimized version of our VMR means companies will have access to the same enterprise class messaging technology that they are used to as they migrate to cloud based infrastructure.

Stay tuned as we add support for more cloud-based technologies to further our vision of providing a ubiquitous messaging service that can span all kinds of private, public and hybrid cloud architectures.… Read the rest

Solace VMR Available in Amazon Web Services Cloud

Following the release of the Solace VMR Enterprise Edition, we are happy to announce the availability of our VMR in the Amazon Web Services cloud.  The availability of AWS native AMIs will make it much easier for developers to get up and running in the AWS public cloud.  For those who want to try out the VMR, the Evaluation Edition has been available for anonymous, free download for an evaluation trial for some time.  That same flexibility is now available natively to all AWS users.  Direct instance launch links are available in downloads that will allow anyone with an AWS account to get an instance of the VMR up and running in the AWS Cloud in minutes.  Here are detailed instructions on how to launch the VMR in AWS.

Solace is ready to support the migration to the cloud.  Existing VMR customers will have access to a native AMI of the VMR Enterprise Edition enabling them to host production applications that use Solace technology in AWS.  … Read the rest