Below are some of the highlights in the Solace Developer Community in April: 

Public Workshop 

On April 18, we streamed our first public workshop, “Hybrid Cloud Event Streaming with Solace PubSub+ and AWS”, live in the community, in addition to LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Hundreds of people watched it across the platforms. If you missed it, you can watch the playback now. If you have suggestions for our next public workshop, please post them to the community.

C and Golang API Support for Mac M1 Chips 

This month Solace announced that the PubSub+ Messaging API for C (also known as CCSMP) and Go now officially support Mac M-series processors! This means that developers can now build applications that take full advantage of the power and efficiency of Apple’s latest generation of processors using Solace’s messaging APIs. Read this community post to get more information and to know where to download them.

What’s Next with Ed and Ali: Episode 3 

In this episode, PubSub+ product team leaders Ed and Ali take a look at latest open API support with demos of using the PubSub+ Event Broker v2 APIs for lifecycle management integration and a great demo using IntelliJ with PubSub+ Event Portal APIs.

Wrapping it all up is a discussion of Partitioned Queues, Kafka integration, and Kafka support for discovery and audit in PubSub+ Event Portal.

New Blog Posts by Community Writers 

This month we published the blog post “How Does PubSub+ Cloud Help you Secure your Data in the Cloud?” by our community writer Preena Patel. Read this post to understand the security capabilities of PubSub+ Cloud, which can more effectively keep your deployments safe and secure.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in writing about your project, use case, something you are working on or have built using Solace technology and third-party integrations, submit your suggested topics via the Solace Scholars Program

You Asked, We Answered!

In this section, I’ll review a few questions our community members asked this month that you may be interested in reading about.

Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program 

In mid-November, we announced the launch of Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program. With the program, we want to recognize and reward our community, in addition to building a deeper connection with it. Read the linked blog post to see how potential Solly Superstars are evaluated, the benefits of becoming a Superstar, and how to apply!

Why should you join the Solace Developer Community? 

I strongly encourage you to sign up for the Solace Developer Community if you have not already done so. This way you can not only keep abreast of the latest developments in the community, but also engage with other members by sharing problems or offering solutions. 

5 reasons why you should join the solace developer community

Hong Qiu
Hong Qiu

Hong is the Senior Community Manager at Solace, where he is responsible for building and managing the Solace community and creating developer-focused content. Prior to Solace, he spent over 10 years at Adobe managing the Adobe Developer Connection portals and planning, creating, and sourcing content for them. Before Adobe, he was a senior technical writer at Nortel and a technical writer at Cognos (now IBM).